Nuisance Tree List

Learn about trees on the Nuisance Plants List and about where these trees are not allowed to be planted.

The plants identified on the Nuisance Plants List are prohibited from being planted within the following City zones:

  • Environmental Overlay Zone
  • Greenway Overlay Zone
  • Pleasant Valley Natural Resources Overlay Zone.

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In addition, species on the Nuisance Plant List cannot be planted as street trees or be installed in City required landscaping areas. For detailed information on the Nuisance Plants list, see Section 4 of the Portland Plant List.

Trees on the Nuisance Plants List

Common NameScientific Name
Norway mapleAcer platanoides  
Sycamore mapleAcer pseudoplatanus
Horse chestnutAesculus hippocastanum
Tree-of-heavenAilanthus altissima
Cutleaf birchBetula pendula
English hawthornCrataegus monogyna
English hollyIlex aquifolium
Golden chain treeLaburnum watereri
Empress/princess treePaulownia tomentosa
White poplarPopulus alba
Sweet cherryPrunus avium
English laurelPrunus laurocerasus
Black locustRobinia pseudoacacia
European mountain ashSorbus aucuparia
Siberian elmUlmus pumila