Yard Tree Giveaway - Free Trees for Your Yard

Tree recipient pushes wheelbarrow with 2 pines, mulch and a young child wearing a pink jacket and red boots.
Free yard trees for Portlanders from Portland Parks & Recreation's Urban Forestry.
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All 2,000 trees for the 2023 Yard Tree Giveaway have been given away! Thank you to everyone who is helping make Portland a greener, more livable city for all. 

Interested in trees for your yard? 

2024 Interest Form

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¡Se han reservado todos los 2,000 árboles gratis de parte de nuestro programa! Gracias a todos que andan ayudando a Portland convertirse en un lugar mas verde, y habitable para todos.

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Why Trees?

Trees provide essential services for all Portlanders. Planting trees in yards keeps us and our homes cool during the hottest months and helps collect stormwater during the winter. They also clean the air, buffer noise, reduce crime and improve our mental and physical health. On top of all of this, they provide year-round beauty. 


  • Trees must be planted within City of Portland corporate boundaries
  • Limit of two trees per household
  • Trees are for planting on private property in front, side, or back yards (trees may not be planted in containers or in the sidewalk as street trees)
  • Trees are not to be used for planting permit requirements
Several different tree species are lined up at a Yard Tree Giveaway event ready to be handed out.

Available Trees and Species Lists

We offer a variety of trees ranging from medium to large in size and include native, conifer, evergreen, and deciduous species. All trees should fit in a car/truck or make a nice companion on the bus! When choosing a species, please consider the available space in your yard for roots and branches as well as how much sun your yard gets each day. 

Click below to see the full list of trees available at Yard Tree Giveaway. Translated versions for 2022 coming soon. 

Free Yard Tree Species List 2023 

Árboles para patios para el otoño de 2023

Cây có sẵn cho mùa thu 2023

Planting Location

Yard trees should be planted a minimum of 10 feet from any side of your house, two feet from property lines or five feet from a driveway or water meter. For advice on where in your yard to plant your tree, check out Right Tree, Right Place from the Arbor Day Foundation.

Planting and Care

We’ll send you home with a free watering bucket filled with mulch and educational materials to show you how to properly plant and care for your tree. You can view and print the information on how to plant and care for your tree here: 

Free Planting and Delivery for People Who Need an Accommodation

Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry will provide yard tree delivery and planting for Portlanders with limited mobility or need an accommodation. Let us know how we can help. 


Are you interested in getting the word out about free yard trees in your neighborhood?
Do you have a large parking lot that could be used for an event location?
Do you have a group wanting to volunteer at one of our events?

Contact Molly Wilson at freeyardtrees@portlandoregon.gov or 503-823-4963.

Volunteer with Yard Tree Giveaway! 

Each Saturday in the fall we will give away 300 trees! We need your help loading mulch buckets, loading trees into cars and answering recipient questions. No Experience Necessary. 

We currently do not have any events to register for. Check back in September 2024 or
email Molly at freeyardtrees@portlandoregon.gov to be put on a volunteer list.