Local Tree Care Providers

Local arborists watch a presentation on Portland's tree care regulations.
Find local tree care providers that have met certain criteria to be included on this list.
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Local Tree Care Providers

The following companies have: 

  • Completed the City’s Local Tree Care Providers Workshop within the last year
  • Have a Certified Arborist or similarly credentialed tree professional on staff
  • Do not have documented tree code violations or permitting application issues within the past year
  • Have an active Portland business license

This list is for informational purposes only. The City makes no representation or warranty as to the quality of work performed by any company on this list. Any person seeking the services of an arborist is encouraged to consult with several companies and references to determine the arborist’s qualifications and suitability to perform the desired work. 

NameContact Information
Arbornaut(503) 724-1671, thearbornaut@gmail.com
Arborscape Ltd. Inc.(360) 944-5124, arborscapetreecare@gmail.com
Buds Expert Tree Care, Inc.(503) 235-4127, info@budsexpert.com
David D Hunter, Consulting Arborist, LLC(503) 319-0380, ddhunterarborist@aol.com
Emergent Tree Works(503) 360-5652, will@emergenttreeworks.com
For The Love Of Trees, LLC(503) 515-9520, jfry@fortheloveoftrees.com
Foster Trees(503) 995-9020, fostertrees@gmail.com
General Tree Service(503) 656-2656, 6795 SW 111th Ave. Beaverton, OR 97008
Hedges PDX(503) 997-6474, HedgesPDX@gmail.com
Honl Tree Care(503) 200-0709, info@honltreecare.com, 6310 SE Ivon St. Portland, OR 97206
Integrity Tree Care, Inc.(503) 750-4992, arborist@itreecare.com,  9945 SE Oak St. Portland, OR 97216
Limb by Limb(503) 953-5924, jr@limbbylimb.net, 4707 NE 16th Ave. Portland OR 97211
Madrone Modern Arboriculture(503) 288-4902, madronemodern@gmail.com
Matthews Tree Care,LLC(503) 473-5899, matt@matthewstree.com
Mossy Tree Care(503) 914-4103, hello@mossytreecare.com
Oregon Tree Care(503) 929-9437, admin@oregontreecare.com
Overlook Tree Preservation(503) 704-8024, kevin@overlooktree.com
Peak Landscape Inc(503) 533-8173, stefanb@peaklandscape.com
Portland Tree Consulting(503) 421-3883, info@pdxtreeconsulting.com
Portland Tree Service(503) 896-6750, info@pdxarborist.com 
Prunus(971) 645-9781, trees.prunus@gmail.com
Richard McCollom Yard Service(503) 709-7232, dick@yardjob.net
Roots and Shoots(503) 803-1947, RootsandShootsTrees@gmail.com
Springwater Arboriculture, LLC(503) 631-4760, andrew@springarborist.com, 4547 SE Brae St. Milwaukie, OR 97222
Teragan & Associates, Inc(503) 697-1975, terry@teragan.com
Treecology(503) 804-7868, info@treecology.com
Urban Forest Pro(503)-360-9382, cs@urbanforestpro.com 
Vista Tree Service, LLC(503) 816-9655, contact@vistatreeservice.biz, P.O. Box 53 Oregon City, OR 97045
Whole Tree Works(503) 238-6077, hillery@wholetreeworks.com
Wind Thin Tree Service, Inc.(503) 481-4628, windthin@comcast.net

Getting on the List

At least one Certified Arborist from your company must attend a Local Tree Care Providers Workshop and verify their attendance. Workshops are offered each year and will be advertised on this webpage. ISA CEU's may be provided.

Sign up for Tree Bark if you would like email notification of when the workshops are offered.

2022 Local Tree Care Provider Workshops

This free workshop is for tree care professionals who work in Portland. Learn about different kinds of tree permits and how to submit applications. Urban Forestry staff will be online to answer your questions. ISA CEUs may be available. Companies must attend one of the two workshops offered to remain on the list.

Friday, May 20, 2022. 8:30 am - 11:30 am 

Friday, November 4, 2022. 8:30 am - 11:30 am 

Removal from the List

As of October 20, 2015, a company on the Local Tree Care Providers List who performs documented tree work in violation of Title 11 will be removed from the list for one year. A Certified Arborist from the company must attend another Tree Care Providers Workshop before becoming eligible to be returned to the list. Companies in violation will be sent notification of the violation in writing before being removed from the list. Civil penalties and other violation fees and corrective actions may be imposed in addition to removal from the list. Violation fees can be found on the Urban Forestry Fee Schedule.

A company may also be removed from the list if they continue to submit incomplete, illegible, or incorrect applications after receiving verbal and/or written feedback from Urban Forestry staff. At the third documented instance in a 6-month period, the company shall be removed from the list for 6 months and until they have completed another Local Tree Care Providers Workshop. Offenders will be notified in writing before being removed from the list.

Every January 1, or the first business day of the New Year, the list will be updated to remove those companies that have not attended a Local Tree Care Provider Workshop within one year of their last attended workshop. This ensures that arborists have the most current information to provide to their customers.


Urban Forestry Tree Hotline

Monday-Friday, 7:30am - 3:30pm
phone number503-823-8733Press 1 - Tree Emergency Hotline (available 24/7 – transfers to emergency dispatch after business hours). Press 2 – Tree preservation inspections for open development permits. Press 3 – Root pruning permit information. Press 4 – Walk-in hours and location. Press 5 – General inquiries. Please note the Tree Hotline is not answered live. Urban Forestry's standard of service is to return non-emergency emails and phone calls within 3 business days.


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