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Tree Care and Resources

Information on caring for trees in Portland.

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Customer Service Availability

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) Urban Forestry staff are available to answer tree questions, provide permit applications and issue some tree permits during posted hours.

Phone number and phone tree, email, hours and location information on the page linked above. 

How to Tools

How to Measure a TreeInformation page and video for taking tree Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) measurements. 
How to Plant ProperlyInformation on Portland's standards for tree planting. 
How to Prune ProperlyInformation on proper pruning standards and benefits. 
How to Root Prune ProperlyInformation on root systems and proper pruning techniques. 
How to Use DevHubDevelopment Hub: At a Glance with tutorials for applying for permits using DevHub. 

Helpful Resources

Local Tree Care ProvidersA resource for finding tree care providers that meet certain City requirements.
Tips for Hiring an ArboristLearn what to look for before hiring a professional to work on your trees.
Native and Nuisance Trees ListsBoth plant lists are integral to the City of Portland’s natural resource protection program and invasive species management strategy.
What Tree Is That? Arborday.org provides helpful online tree identifier. 
Tree Planting ProgramsLearn who's planting trees in Portland's neighborhoods and watersheds and get involved!
Tree Planting Performance ReportJanuary 2020 Report on tree planting program that works to undo inequity by focusing on growing trees where they are most needed by prioritizing low-income, low-canopy, and racially and ethnically diverse neighborhoods.
Portland Street Trees MapSometimes outdated but great interactive map of Portland Street Trees location and species. Zoom in to see individual tree information. 
Portland Park Trees MapEver wanted to ID the species of a City of Portland Tree, or learn about park trees? Here is a great interactive map for doing just that. 
Heritage Tree MapPortland's Heritage Tree program recognizes Portland's most magnificent trees for their unique size, age, and/or historical or horticultural significance. Once designated by a vote of City Council, these trees are protected by City Code and cannot be removed without the consent of the Urban Forestry Commission and the Portland City Council. 
Leaf Day Pickup The Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) Leaf Day service sweeps 52 districts with the highest concentration of mature street trees and leaves, about a third of the city. Leaf Day is FREE. Find out if you’re in a district and what your Leaf Day schedule is this year. Leaf Day Pickup Map
Buy City Compost The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) composts more than 5,000 tons of leaves collected through the City's Leaf Day program each year. Removing leaves from our streets is critical to keeping streets safe from clogged storm drains, flooded intersections and slippery streets.
PGE Free Woodchips / MulchRequest free woodchips be delivered to your address by PGE. 
Oregon State University Tree Care ResourcesOSU College of Forestry site with publications, management planning, other resources.
Citywide Tree Project Learn about the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability's process to revise the tree code.
Overlay Zone or Plan District informationDetermine if your tree is in a specially regulated Overlay Zone or Plan District.
The Services of TreesTrees provide multiple services to the urban environment. This resource page provides a video, links to studies and reports, and services calculator.
Current Fee Amounts List
City and State Codes and RulesCity and State codes and rules guides. 

Approved Street Tree Planting Lists

Approved Street Tree Planting Lists, native trees, nuisance tree list, where to purchase.

Street Tree Lists FAQs

Protecting Trees During Construction 

Learn more about protecting trees during construction.

Heritage Trees of Portland 

Heritage Trees are trees that have been formally recognized by City Council for their unique size, age, historical or horticultural significance.

The Services of Trees 

Benefits of Urban Forests video, resources, calculator tool, Urban Canopy Report. 

Plans and Reports 

Urban Forestry places a high level of importance on sharing information with the public. Visit our Plans and Reports page to learn more about:

  • The Urban Forest Management Plan
  • Tree Code and Trust Fund Reports
  • Tree Canopy and Inventory Information
  • Tree Planting Strategy
  • The Elm Protection Program and Dutch Elm Disease

Tree Code - Title 11 Trees

Portland's Tree Code, Title 11 Trees, details requirements for trees. 

Frequently asked questions about proposed updates to Portland's Tree Code

Why does Portland have a tree code?