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Tree Canopy and Forest Management

newly planted ponderosa pines on school yard, with flowering cherry in background
As the City's principal manager of the urban forest, PP&R Urban Forestry regularly tracks change in canopy cover and potential, reports on what trees make up the forest, and evaluates efforts to increase canopy. 
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Tree Canopy

Portland's Tree Canopy Explorer is an interactive map for you to see where tree canopy is spread across the city.

Tree Canopy Monitoring, Portland's latest estimate of tree canopy cover finds 29.8% of the city under tree canopy in 2020, down from 30.7% in 2015.

Tree Canopy and Potential, PP&R's 2018 study of available planting space in the city found room for 1.3 million trees, which would provide nearly $200 million annually in services such as cleaner air and water, summer cooling, and other benefits.

In 2007, PP&R released its first canopy report, where it identified the replacement value of Portland’s public tree resource as over $2.3 billion and the structural value of the entire urban forest canopy as nearly $5 billion

Tree Planting

Growing a More Equitable Urban Forest, Portland's citywide tree planting strategy. The result of over a year of conversations with diverse communities around Portland and citywide survey of residents to identify barriers, opportunities, and recommendations for growing a forest that serves all Portlanders equitably. 

Tree Planting Report, an annual report detailing the City's planting efforts and long-term monitoring of trees planted or given away by PP&R Urban Forestry.

Tree Inventory and Forest Management

Citywide Street Tree Inventory Report - findings and analysis from Portland's first comprehensive inventory of over 218,000 street trees

Park Tree Inventory Report - results of inventory of over 25,000 trees in Portland's developed parks

The Park Tree Maintenance Plan guides the care and maintenance of park trees by setting a standard of care and establishing priorities.

Managing Street Trees - Reports from 2009 and 2020 estimating the cost proactively maintaining Portland's 200,000+ street trees, a responsibility that currently falls on adjacent property owners.

My City’s Trees - a web based tool to explore baseline canopy and land use data from Portland's Urban Forest Inventory and Analysis (UFIA) project, an ongoing partnership between the City of Portland and the US Forest Service.


City of Portland Urban Forestry

Manager of Portland's urban forest