Tilia tomentosa


Silver Linden


About Silver Linden at OSU's Landscape Plants site.

  • Native to southeastern Europe, western Asia.
  • Height can reach 135’.
  • Deciduous tree, 50-70 ft (15-21 m) tall, dense, often with a rounded crown, erect branches.  
  • Leaves are alternate, simple, rounded, about 2-4 inches wide and long, abruptly pointed, base heart shaped, coarsely serrated, dark green above and gray-tomentose below.  
  • Flowers, yellow-white, 5-10 per cluster, with a downy bract, appear in midsummer, one of the last Tilia to flower. Like all in the genus, the flowers are loved by bees.
Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes
317408 N Rosa Parks Way 
Right Of Way
82' Height
66' Spread
11' Circ
Tilia tomentosa - Silver Linden

700 N Rosa Parks Way (Peninsula Park)

Public, Portland Parks & Recreation

97.2' Height
49' Spread
10.7 'Circ
39.2' DBH

This tree is located on the east end of Peninsula Park.

Silver linden, tilia tomentosa