Tilia platyphyllos


Bigleaf Linden 


Tilia platyphyllos - Bigleaf Linden
  • Native to Europe and southwest Asia.

  • Height can reach 135’.

  • Leaves are 5-7” long with tiny hairs on both sides, heartshaped.

  • Flowers are pale yellow in a cluster, suspended from a leaf like bract; earliest of this genus to flower (late May/ early June); seeds round and fuzzy on the surface.

  • Like all in the genus, the flowers are loved by bees.

  • Fairly common in Portland in older neighborhoods.

  • #62 is gigantic.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes
492204 SE 11th Ave
Right Of Way
50' Height
48' Spread
12.8' Circ.
Tilia platyphyllos - Bigleaf Linden
62Mt Tabor Park
Portland Parks & Recreation
130' Height
83' Spread
15.2' Circ.

This tree is gigantic and can be found on the southeast corner of the rectangular reservoir, on the west side of Mt. Tabor Park.

Tilia platyphyllos - Bigleaf Linden