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Styphnolobium japonica


Japanese Pagoda Tree 


Styphnolobium japonica - Japanese Pagoda Tree

About Japanese Pagoda Tree at OSU's Landscape Plants site

  • Native to China, Korea, and Vietnam (but not Japan).

  • Height can approach 100’.

  • Leaves are compound with 7-17 leaflets each with pointed tips.

  • Flowers are pea-like, large creamy-white clusters (8-12” long); occur in late August, usually every other year; pod is bright green, 3-4” long.

  • Uncommon in Portland. #149 was planted ca. 1910. #207 was planted in 1973 as a seedling from President Nixon's favorite tree on the White House grounds.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes
1493075 NW Cornell Rd
Private, Side Yard
52' Height
74' Spread
8.6' Circ.

This tree was planted ca. 1910 and is visible from NW 30th Ave.

Styphnolobium japonica - Japanese Pagoda Tree
2076436 SE Morrison St
Private, Side Yard
45' Height
47' Spread
7.7' Circ.

On April 12, 1973, a four-inch Sophora japonica seedling was given to Elaine Cogan (then the Chair of the Portland Development Commission) by Pat Nixon at the White House in recognition of the outstanding design of Pettygrove Park. According to Mrs Nixon, these seedlings were from President Nixon's favorite tree on the White House grounds.

Styphnolobium japonica - Japanese Pagoda Tree
392Argay Park

75' Height

70' Spread

9.3' Circ

This is thought to be the tallest and largest Japanese Pagoda Tree in Portland.