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Learn more about how to appeal a tree permit decision. Request an administrative review of any public notice about City Code Title 11. Ask for review of a development decision. Get information about the tree permit appeals process and the administrative review application.
Learn more about trees and development on City-owned or Managed Sites and Projects in the Right-of-Way. This page is for Capital Improvement Projects, Development on City-owned or Managed sites, & Projects in the Right-of-Way.
Learn more about the City's specific tree plan requirements. Get a worksheet to help you complete your tree plan. Find out what the City inspector and consulting arborist must agree upon. Learn more about creating a tree project narrative and what that must include. Get help with your tree plan.
Use PortlandMaps.com for relevant information gathering.
Find out when you need an arborist report when you're building or renovating. Learn more about what an arborist report must include. Get information about tree reports from arborists before development begins. And, find out what you need from an arborist after work has started.
The required tree density is based on the size of the site and type of proposed or existing development. You might be exempt from on-site tree density and tree planting requirements. Find out where tree canopy and tree planting requirements apply. Learn about exemptions and density requirements.
Learn more about tree preservation exemptions. Find out about City requirements for privately-owned trees. Get information about neighborhood notices to mail or post at the construction site. Self-certify that notification requirements are met. Find neighborhood contact information, too.
Urban Forestry is responsible for reviewing Street, City, and Heritage trees. Urban Forestry reviews are conducted any time a project is valued at $25K or greater and any time a Street, City , or Heritage tree may be impacted or removed by the development.
Learn more about protecting trees during construction. Review tree protection options (paths), and the Root Protection Zone. Find information about protecting heritage trees during construction. Get help preparing for your permit review including what to bring to your Urban Forestry meeting.
Get information about Urban Forestry permitting requirements for Development and construction projects. Tree plans must be included in a building permit application.
Learn more about protecting trees during construction before and after work begins. If you're building a home or renovating a home, you might need a tree preservation inspection. 
Projects will not get final approval until tree inspections are approved. Use this checklist to plan and prepare for tree protection during construction or renovation. Find out how to schedule your tree inspection. Learn about prohibited activities in the root protection zone.
Get helpful information about tree preservation, tree removal and tree review. Learn more about when a tree review is required. Find out if tree review is required in Johnson Creek Plan District, in the Pleasant Valley overlay resource zone and learn about correcting violations and tree removal.
Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry staff review Early Assistance and Land Use Review materials to identify potential issues and requirements in accordance with Title 11, Trees and Title 33, Zoning Code.