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Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) Urban Forestry's mission is to manage and ensure Portland's urban forest infrastructure for current and future generations. Our urban forest consists of 218,000 street trees, 1.2 million park trees, and 2.9 million private property trees.
Where to find tree permit applications, financial assistance programs, and other fee information. Please contact us at 823-TREE (8733) with any questions.

City Employees

This page is intended to provide City employees a single location to access TrackIT applications for various Urban Forestry requests.
The award-winning book "From Stumptown to Treetown" takes readers on a journey through the histor-tree of Downtown Portland. Learn from author and local historian David-Paul B. Hedberg about Portland's legacy of tree management.
What is a Street Tree? How can I find out if a tree is a private tree or Street Tree? What is a development permit, what is a non-development permit? Get more information on types of permits or move forward with an application. Report a tree emergency or issue a complaint about a tree.

Neighbor's Trees

Some helpful articles and links for understanding the legal side of neighbor's trees.
An arboretum (plural arboreta) is a collection of trees, often with a theme or pattern. Every one of Portland’s parks has its own unique assortment of trees, each with a story to tell. With more than 300 different kinds of trees in Parks, no two Pop-Ups are the same!
Information on caring for trees in Portland.
Information on reporting tree emergencies, defining "emergencies" and "non-emergencies," and when the City gets involved.
These tree pests and diseases are common in the Pacific Northwest, but this is not an exhaustive list.

Tree Walks

Tree Walks connect community members to the trees of our City. Join a scheduled event, create your own, or sign up to host a tree walk in your neighborhood.
Many trees in winter have their own special charm that brings beauty to the season. Whether it is brilliant berries, mottled or textured bark, or interesting branch formations, trees in winter have charming traits to enjoy.
Urban Forestry hosts community workshops on a wide variety of tree topics. Our workshops are a great place to build on your existing tree knowledge and skills or to take your first steps into the world of tree care and Urban Forestry stewardship.