Rhododendron ponticum


Ponticum Rhododendron


Rhododendron ponticum - Ponticum Rhododendron

About Ponticum Rhododendron at OSU's Landscape Plants site

  • Native from southern Spain and Portugal to Asia Minor.

  • Height seldom exceeds 30’.

  • Leaves are 9” long, oblong, dark & glossy, and evergreen.

  • Flowers are up to 2”, funnel-shaped, reddish-purple, with 10-15 per truss.

  • A shrub that with time becomes a tree. Tiny ones were handed out at the 1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition.

  • Rather uncommon in Portland as a tree.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes
971905 SE Larch Ave
Private, Front Yard
15' Height
18' Spread
4' Circ.

This tree is on the corner of SE Larch Ave and SE Mulberry Ave.

Rhododendron ponticum - Ponticum Rhododendron