Quercus prinus


Chestnut Oak 


Quercus prinus - Chestnut Oak
  • Native from northeast to mid-south U.S.

  • Height can reach 100’.

  • Leaves are 4-10” long; shiny, yellow-green, smooth above, and pale green and hairy beneath. The margin is wavy with large, rounded teeth (10-12).

  • Acorns are 1-1.5”, dark shiny brown; cup covers half way.

  • Fall color is yellow to orange.

  • Very rare in Portland.

  • #89 was planted as a seedling in 1904.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes
891927 NE Tillamook St
Private, Front Yard
90' Height
99' Spread
12.8' Circ.

This tree was planted as a seedling in 1904.

Quercus prinus - Chestnut Oak