Prunus avium




Prunus avium - Cherry
  • The wild sweet cherry, the origin of today’s eating cherries, is native to Eurasia.

  • Height can reach 100’.

  • Leaves are toothed.

  • Flowers are white with 5 petals in clusters. Fruit depends on the cultivar; species fruit is bright red turning almost black.

  • Fall color varies from yellow to orange and red.

  • Common in Portland. #206 is a Royal Ann cultivar; #211 dates from 1905.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes

3415 SE Kelly St

Private, Rear Yard

60' Height

64' Spread

15.5' Circ.

This tree is known as a Royal Anne Cherry and is not very visible from the street.

Prunus avium - Cherry

15512 SE Powell Blvd

Private, Rear Yard

50' Height

50' Spread

0.0' Circ.

This tree is not visible from the street.

Prunus avium - Cherry