Pinus taeda


Loblolly Pine 


Pinus taeda - Loblolly Pine
  • Native to southeast U.S.

  • The leading commercial timber species in the South, it is grown in large plantations for fiber production and is called southern yellow pine.

  • Needles occur in bundles of 3, sometimes twisted, and measure 4.5–8.5” long.

  • Cones are red-brown and 3-6” long, maturing in early fall.

  • The tip of the cone scales is armed with a short spine.

  • Bark of older trees is ridged and furrowed, with somewhat rounded scaly plates.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes

3045 NE 9th Ave

Private, Front Yard

105' Height

42' Spread

10.3' Circ.

Pinus taeda - Loblolly Pine