Pinus strobus


Eastern White Pine 


Pinus strobus - Eastern White Pine

About Eastern White Pine at OSU's Landscape Plants site

  • Native to eastern North America.

  • In the wild the tree can reach 200’, but is usually <l00’ in cities.

  • Needles are 5 to a bundle, soft, 3-5.5” long, and silvery.

  • Seed cones are 4-8” long, slightly curved, slender, and pitchy.

  • Overall this tree has a soft look to it.

  • Somewhat uncommon in Portland.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes

4825 SW Dosch Park Ln

Private, Side Yard

70' Height

60' Spread

7.7' Circ.

This tree is on east side of house.

Pinus strobus - Eastern White Pine