Pinus sabiniana


Grey Pine 


Pinus sabiniana - Grey (Digger) Pine

About Grey Pine at OSU's Landscape Plants site

  • Native to the dry foothills of California’s Central Valley.

  • Height can reach 160’. Tree is often multi-trunked.

  • Needles are 3 per bundle, blue-green, 7-14” long, and drooping.

  • Seed cones are 5-11” long and can weigh over 5 pounds.

  • Bark is dark with plates.

  • Very rare in Portland.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes

4074 N Massachusetts Ave

Right of Way

51' Height

60' Spread

11' Circ.

This tree is on N Mason St.

Pinus sabiniana - Grey (Digger) Pine