Paulownia tomentosa


Empress Tree 


Paulownia tomentosa - Empress Tree

About Empress Tree at OSU's Landscape Plants site

  • Native to China and Korea.

  • Height can approach 100’.

  • Leaves are very large, heart-shaped, and fuzzy; they resemble the leaf of a sunflower.

  • Flowers appear in long (1’) upright clusters; fragrant, violet in color; resembling giant snapdragons.

  • Fruit is a large capsule full of tiny seeds; it was packing material of the 19th century protecting shiploads of china from Asia. The pods were tossed out along the East Coast railroad tracks, causing this tree to naturalize in the eastern U.S.

  • Tree is fast-growing. Wood is used in Japan for sandals (geta) and some furniture.

  • Not very common in Portland.

  • #51 is the largest in city and was planted in the late 1800s.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes

2033 NW Glisan St

Public, School District 1

60' Height

51' Spread

17.5' Circ.

This tree is in the school yard, to the south of NW 20th in Couch Park.

Paulownia tomentosa - Empress Tree