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Ostrya virginiana


American Hop-hornbeam 


Ostrya virginiana - American Hop-hornbeam

About American Hop-hornbeam at OSU's Landscape Plants site

  • Native to central and eastern North America.

  • Height can reach 70’ but is usually less.

  • Leaves are double-toothed, yellowish-green on top, paler beneath, and slightly hairy.

  • Distinctive seeds resemble a drooping cluster of hops; each nutlet is enclosed in a papery envelope. Pale green at first, it becomes brown before dropping in fall.

  • Wood is strong, hard, and good for tool handles.

  • Rare in Portland.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes

221 NE 45th Ave

Right of Way

38' Height

36' Spread

3.3' Circ.

This is the south tree of a pair of Heritage Hornbeams at this address.

Ostrya virginiana - American Hop-hornbeam

221 NE 45th Ave

Right of Way

48' Height

43' Spread

4.8' Circ.

This is the north tree of a pair of Heritage Hornbeams at this address

Ostrya virginiana - American Hop-hornbeam