Tree Inventory Project Is Back in 2023

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Tree inventory tree learning to measure tree diameter
The Urban Forestry Inventory Project is back in 2023. This year the goal is to inventory 100,000 trees in 41 neighborhoods across Portland.

Why Inventory Trees?

The Tree Inventory Project is the City’s effort to map, measure, and identify public trees across Portland. The goal is to better understand the urban forest and plan for a resilient future. 

“For best management of our urban forest, we need to understand canopy composition and distribution. In other words, we need to know which trees are where and how they are doing.”

Nik Desai (Botanic Specialist II, Tree Inventory project manager).

The data is also useful for the public. It raises awareness of the trees that we have. People use the data to better connect with trees and the urban forest in their neighborhood and at parks.

Tree Inventory Project 2.0

Urban Forestry’s first complete Street Tree Inventory occurred from 2010–2016. 

We began updating the Street Tree Inventory in 2022. This round of data collection marks the second year of Street Tree Inventory 2.0. 

This effort updates the baseline data and how the canopy is changing in different neighborhoods.

2023 Tree Inventory

For 2023, the inventory crew will be out in the field measuring, mapping, and identifying street trees. The crew will work in 41 neighborhoods across Portland. The goal is to inventory 100,000 trees this year.

Urban Forestry staff Nik Desai (Botanic Specialist II) is managing the project. There are ten seasonal staff for the inventory work this year. Biz Miller (Botanic Specialist I) is also an integral part of the team. She trains staff, maintains project protocols, and ensures data accuracy. 

The Urban Forestry Youth Conservation Tree Crew will also help with the inventory project this summer.

We are planning Tree Inventory Project activities for volunteers. Details will be coming soon.