Urban Forestry Commission Public Hearing on May 19, 2022

Public Notice
The City's Urban Forestry Commission will hold a public hearing on proposed changes to Title 11 Trees.

Public Hearing of the Urban Forestry Commission: May 19, 2022 at 10:00am

A public hearing of the Urban Forestry Commission on proposed changes to Title 11 Trees will be held virtually via Zoom. Details available at www.portland.gov/trees/ufc. If an accommodation of testifying in person is necessary, please email urbanforestrycommis­sion@portlandoregon.gov by May 12 with your request. Multiple changes to Title 11 are proposed and are available for review at www.portland.gov/trees/title-11.  Send written testimo­ny to the Urban Forestry Commission, 10910 N. Denver Ave., Portland, OR 97217; or send an email to urbanforestrycommis­sion@portlandoregon.gov with "Title 11 Amendments" in the subject line. Written testimony must be received by the time of the hearing and must include your name and address.