Larix kaempferi


Japanese Larch 


Larix kaempferi - Japanese Larch

About Japanese Larch at OSU's Landscape Plants site

  • Native to Japan where it is an important tree in forestry plantations. The wood is tough and durable, used for general construction work, fencing, and bonsai.

  • Tree is a medium to large sized, deciduous conifer tree reaching 60-90’ tall.

  • Leaves are needle-like, light glaucous green, 1-2” long; they turn bright yellow to orange before they fall in the autumn, leaving pinkish-brown shoots bare until the next spring.

  • Medium brown cones are stalked and 1-1.5” long.  Scales are overlapped, forming a rosette appearance.  The old cones commonly remain on the tree for many  years, turning dull grey-black.

  • Uncommon in Portland.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes

4626 NE 37th Ave

Private, Front Yard

40' Height

42' Spread

6.4' Circ.

Larix kaempferi - Japanese Larch