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From stumptown to treetown

Heritage Tree Guidebook

This 76-page guide has maps, species descriptions, best viewing times, photos, and more. This is the 2019 updated version.

From Stumptown to Treetown

According to David-Paul B. Hedberg, Portland’s urban forest is rooted in the city’s history. Through an internship with Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry, David, then a graduate student in the Department of History at Portland State University, authored a ten-stop interpretive walking tour of Portland's Heritage Trees.

David’s award winning booklet, From Stumptown to Treetown: A Field Guide for Interpreting Portland’s History though its Heritage Trees, connects historic photos to living trees in the city and invites you to explore some of Portland’s oldest living features.

Historical Tree Research Guide

Learn how to research the history of trees in Portland using this guide, developed by Portland historian Dave-Paul Hedberg. The guide covers topics such as web searches, conducting interviews with community members, and how to utilize local archives.