Tree Inventory Project

Volunteers measure the diameter of a street tree in Rose City Park
Volunteers have mapped, measured, and identified nearly 250,000 trees along Portland's streets and in parks.
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The Tree Inventory Project is the City’s effort to map, measure, and identify public trees across Portland. Starting in 2010, PP&R partnered with communities to catalog nearly 250,000 trees along our streets and in parks. Information and tools from this project help residents better understand the urban forest and plan for a resilient future. 

2022 Street Tree Inventory

The Tree Inventory Project has returned to update our census of over 200,000 street trees! Over the next 3 years, the Youth Conservation Tree Crew, inventory staff, and hundreds of volunteers will work together to complete this effort. 

Thank you to our many volunteers who came out this summer to make the tree inventory a success! We'll be back in Summer 2023 to count trees in your neighborhood.

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Data, Reports, and Maps

Use the map below to find out what trees are in your park or on your block, or search by address, species, or even filter for the largest tree in your neighborhood on our mobile-friendly Tree Inventory Project Web App.


See the results from the work of over 2,000 volunteers to inventory trees across every neighborhood in the city

Individual street tree reports and detailed Tree Plans for over 50 neighborhoods are also available - email for more information.

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Virtual Tours of Portland's Parks

In 2019, Urban Forestry and our dedicated volunteers finished inventorying every tree in 174 parks! Take an up-close look at what we found in selected parks by clicking the links below.

Resources for Volunteers

See our Resources for Volunteers page to access Tree ID guides and read more about volunteer roles.