Tree Inventory Project

Urban Forestry staff measuring diameter of a street tree.
The Tree Inventory Project collects data on street trees and park trees. By measuring, mapping, and identifying public trees across Portland, we are able to better manage our urban forest.
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Since in 2010, PP&R has partnered with communities to measure, map, and identify over 250,000 street and park trees. Information and tools from this project help professionals and community members protect, preserve, and grow our urban forest.  

Street Tree Inventory 2.0

Urban Forestry staff began a re-inventory of street trees in 2022. This work is part of a three-year project to update the data from Portland's first complete Street Tree Inventory (1.0) which occurred from 2010 - 2016. 

  • Summer 2024 is the final season of data collection for Street Tree Inventory 2.0! Look out for Urban Forestry staff as they measure, map, and identify an estimated 115,000 street trees this year, in neighborhoods across Portland. 
  • See photos from the 2023 field season here. 

Data, Reports, and Maps

Use the map below to find out what trees are in your park or on your block, or search by address, species, or even filter for the largest tree in your neighborhood on our mobile-friendly Tree Inventory Project Web App.

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Read our report from Street Tree Inventory 1.0 (2010-2016). This report includes detailed information about nearly 220,000 street trees across Portland, including information about the methods used for this study:

Individual street tree reports and detailed Tree Plans for over 50 neighborhoods are also available - email for more information.

Learn about trees our parks with this interesting web-based storymap:

Download the latest data! ArcGIS shapefiles and Excel format CSV files for all inventories here: 

See past presentations on Tree Inventory and other projects on our Tree Summit page:

Virtual Tours of Portland's Parks

In 2019, Urban Forestry and our dedicated volunteers finished inventorying every tree in 174 parks! Take an up-close look at what we found in selected parks by clicking the links below.