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Tilia Trees in Portland, Aphids, and Pesticide Advisory

Tilia is an important tree in Portland’s urban forest. They are adaptable trees that can thrive in a variety of conditions. However, many varieties are susceptible to aphids. There is an Oregon Pesticides Advisory about the use of noenicitinoid insecticides on Tilia trees.

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Bronze Birch Borer

Find information about the bronze birch borer insect pest.

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Western Redcedar Dieback

Researchers in Oregon and Washington are sounding the alarm about Western redcedar decline. There is some hope for the future of Western redcedar in western Oregon. Trees growing in wet areas, northern-facing slopes, and other places with plenty of water show less damage from heat and drought.

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Meet Some of Our Favorite Heritage Trees

Nomination for new Heritage Trees closes May 1, 2023. Read about some of the already recognized trees. Get inspired to nominate a special tree in your neighborhood.

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Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month with selected articles about AAPI communities and connecting with the natural world.

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Celebrate Women's History Month & Meet Three of the Fabulous Women of Urban Forestry

This women’s history month we are celebrating the incredible women of Urban Forestry. We wanted to take a moment to introduce some of our superstars and ask them a few questions about their work.

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Californians in Oregon: How Do Sequoias and Redwoods Do in Portland?

Giant sequoia and coast redwood trees are often found in California. They can also be found growing in Portland's urban forest.

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Tree Physiology Primer – All About Roots!

A brief review of tree parts and how a tree functions.

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Trees and Sidewalks - Healthy Roots, Healthy Tree

Information on tree roots and sidewalks.

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12 Broadleaf Evergreen Street Trees You Should Plant

Learn about a selection of trees that keep their leaves all year, and do well in Portland.

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