Make Your First Day Hike Local!

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Eucalyptus leaves in winter
Start off the new year with a stay-local First Day Hike tree walk that you can share with neighbors. Keep exploring the trees of our City in a different way; learn a new approach to tree identification through their buds, bark, and branching.
Broadleaf evergreen trees on Knott St
This picture was taken in January of 2020 - a street full of green trees enjoying our winter rains.

Winter can make many people feel blue about not seeing so much green, but many trees in winter have their own special charm that bring beauty to the season.

Although there are not any showy flowers blooming, there are many trees that can bring beauty to these grey months. Whether its brilliant berries, mottled or textured bark, or interesting branch formations, trees in winter have charming traits to enjoy. 

Visit the Winter Wonders Tree Walk and use the How to Build a Tree Walk Guide to record your tree walk to share with neighbors and friends. An extra page and a crayon are handy to bring along for making bark rubbings of the trees you visit!

Holly with berries