Portland Street Tree Inventory

Volunteer Event
The Tree Inventory Project is the City’s effort to map, measure, and identify public trees across Portland. Volunteer this summer to help update our census of over 218,000 street trees!
Volunteers using plant parts to identify trees.

Volunteer Events 

Identify, measure, and map the trees of Portland's streets. No experience is necessary; we will provide all necessary training and tools on site. 

DateNeighborhoodMeeting LocationSign-Up
7/16/2022ConcordiaFernhill ParkRegister Here
7/29/2022MontavillaBerrydale ParkRegister Here
8/10/2022Arbor LodgeArbor Lodge ParkRegister Here
8/20/2022BuckmanColonel Summers ParkRegister Here
8/31/2022HazelwoodCherry Blossom ParkRegister Here

See our Resources for Volunteers page to access Tree ID guides and read more about volunteer roles.

2022 Street Tree Inventory

Over the next 3 years, the Youth Conservation Tree Crew, inventory staff, and hundreds of volunteers will work together to complete this effort. 

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