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Winter Fruit Tree Pruning

Volunteer Event
Wintertime fruit tree pruning brings an entirely different set of goals and objectives than summer fruit tree pruning. Learn more about which trees need care this time of year and practice with neighbors at the Delta Park Orchard.
Winter fruit tree pruning
10:00 am 2:00 pm

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Where: East Delta Park, Urban Forestry Headquarters (10910 N Denver Ave, Portland, OR 97217)

When: Saturday, February 5, 2022. 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Raindate: 2/12/22.

Delta Park Orchard

A gloved hand removes the branch of a fruit tree in wintertime using a hand pruner.

Urban Forestry planted a demonstration orchard outside of our North Portland office in 2010. The orchard includes 55 diverse fruit and nut trees, from the traditional apples, pears, and cherries to paw paws, persimmons, jujubes, mulberries, and medlars. 

Check out all the orchard trees

Learn the difference between the types of fruit tree pruning - such as open vase and central leader, discover new species that thrive in Portland, and take a taste of a few early ripening fruit!

All tools and materials needed will be provided on-site.

Before Attending

Before registering or attending any in-person event, please visit our Workshops page to read about our Safe Stewardship Guidelines. 

If you have not yet completed one this year (from attending a previous event), please complete a volunteer application (en español).

It is required that you wear your mask when nearby other volunteers and staff (we will have plenty of extras available).

Close-up image of the cone of a Douglas-fir tree.

Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry's mission is to manage and ensure Portland's urban forest infrastructure for current and future generations. Portland’s urban forest consists of 236,000 street trees, 1.2 million park trees, and innumerable private property trees.

Urban Forestry is involved in managing or regulating all of these trees to differing degrees. Urban Forestry staff issue permits for planting, pruning, and removal of all public and some private trees and are on call 24/7 to respond to tree emergencies.

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