Kenilworth Park Tree Walk

Classes and Activities
Join Neighborhood Tree Steward Graduate and local tree-enthusiast Lisa Wilcke to learn about the trees of Kenilworth Park - two dates available!
An green sign attached to a tree in the foreground of a park.

For the month of May, select trees of Kenilworth Park are introducing themselves to park visitors. Look for the green signs throughout the park to discover which trees call this park home.

Join us for one of two available dates to learn from Portlander and graduate of the Neighborhood Tree Steward program Lisa Wilcke about the exceptional trees of this park. 

Saturday, May 15th at 10:00 am
Sunday, May 30th at 12:00 pm

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Practice your tree identification!

A stand of Douglas fir trees at Peninsula Park.

No prior experience required!

Although books and online resources are useful tools for identifying trees, the best and most memorable way to learn about trees is by seeing them up close and in person.

A tree walk lets you not only see trees but also learn about them through touch and smell.

Learn more about Tree Identification for Portlanders. 

Close-up image of the cone of a Douglas-fir tree.

Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry's mission is to manage and ensure Portland's urban forest infrastructure for current and future generations. Portland’s urban forest consists of 236,000 street trees, 1.2 million park trees, and innumerable private property trees.

Urban Forestry is involved in managing or regulating all of these trees to differing degrees. Urban Forestry staff issue permits for planting, pruning, and removal of all public and some private trees and are on call 24/7 to respond to tree emergencies.

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