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Portland has been celebrating Arbor Day since 1889 - bringing communities together to recognize the importance and value of trees. The trees of our city provide essential services - making a healthier and more equitable place to live for all Portlanders.
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Portland Arbor Day 2021

Saturday, October 30, 2021
10:00am - 1:00pm

Lents Park, SE 92nd Avenue and Holgate Blvd, Portland, Oregon

Join us to kick off the tree planting season at Lents Park. Bring friends and family to plant trees, meet neighbors, and sign up for free yard trees. This event is free and all are welcome. 

What would Arbor Day be without planting a tree? Trees work hard for our community - they clean our air, keep neighborhoods cool, green our parks, and so much more. Put on your planting gear and we'll bring the trees!

Are you a volunteer with Urban Forestry interested in helping at this event? Learn about event support volunteer opportunities online.

Getting There

We will be planting in the central-southeast section of the park. Be sure to make the sign-in tent your first stop!

  • Parking is available just north of the event location off of SE 92nd Ave
  • Accessible via TriMet bus lines 10, 14, 17, and the MAX Green Line.

Portland Celebrates Arbor Day in October

Due to our changing climate, Portland’s hot dry summers have made it more difficult for trees planted in April to succeed. By moving Arbor Day to October, we can plant new trees and take advantage of our nice wet winter months to help them get established. We are excited about this change and to provide an opportunity to work with Portlanders to plant new trees and give them the best opportunity to thrive.

Join us in celebrating our neighbors who dedicate their time to caring for trees and sharing their passion with their community. Watch the video to learn about the great projects and volunteers that continue to care for Portland's urban forest.

Learn about the Bill Naito Award

Learn about trees and the urban forest

Learn about Arbor Day

Volunteer for the Environment

Learn more about local organizations you can be involved with to help further the reach to our community. 

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Share Your Tree Story

Is there a tree that is special to you? Honor that tree and share your story at canopystory.org, a website dedicated to collecting tree stories developed by our friends at Portland State University's Institute for Sustainable Solutions. Canopystory.org is a way to share trees stories, find cool trees around Portland, raise awareness of the value of trees in a beautiful city like Portland, and perhaps even preserve magnificent trees from being removed. 

For more information, please email canopystory@pdx.edu.

About Portland Parks & Recreation UrbanForestry

Close-up image of the cone of a Douglas-fir tree.

The mission of PP&R’s Urban Forestry (UF) division is to manage and care for Portland's tree infrastructure in the City for current and future generations. Portland’s urban forest consists of 220,000 street trees, 1.2 million park trees, and innumerable private property trees. The Urban Forestry division is involved in managing or regulating these trees. UF created and implements the City of Portland's Urban Forest Management Plan, fosters community tree awareness and stewardship, develops tree policies and programs, monitors and assesses Portland’s urban forest, and issues permits for planting, pruning, and removal of public and some private trees. During extreme weather at all times of the year, UF crews respond to tree emergencies to keep you safe and the City moving.

For more information on Urban Forestry at portland.gov/trees.


Clare Carney

Outreach and Stewardship Coordinator


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