Apply for An Urban Forestry Permit in Development Hub PDX (DevHub)

This guide outlines steps to apply for Urban Forestry permits in Development Hub PDX (DevHub), the online permitting system for the City of Portland.
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For more in-depth information on types of Urban Forestry Permits available via DevHub, see Permits | Tree Permits and Regulations |

Log In to Development Hub PDX (DevHub)

Development Hub 

  1. Click Sign In/Register in the main menu.
    1. If you already have a DevHub account, enter your user name and password.
    2. If you don't, click Create a New Account.

Once registered and signed in, you will have access to the main menu.

Apply for a New Permit

Click the Apply for a New Permit menu item to submit a new application.

Select Permit Type

  1. Scroll down and click on Urban Forestry Permits.
  2. Click on the desired permit type.
  3. If prompted, select the type of work (there may be only one option).

Enter Property and Application Information

  1. Search for the property address. You may do this in one of three ways:
    1. Type address into the search field, which will auto-complete and provide several options based on how much of the address you type.  Click on the address you want and click Next.
    2. OR: Press the Search by Address button and enter address number, direction, street name and type, and unit number; then press Search.  From the resulting list, click Select.
    3. OR: Press the Search by Property ID button; enter the ID number. Addresses and ID numbers may be found on PortlandMaps
  2. Enter the required information on the Urban Forestry Permit Application page and click Next. (NOTE: Sidewalk Permit #  field is only required for Root Pruning.)

Add Required Attachments

  1. Most Urban Forestry permits require an uploaded PDF application as part of the submission.  On the Attachments page, download the appropriate form using the list of provided links, complete the form, and upload it using the Add Attachments button.  Select your file, enter a Description, then click Next.
    1. At any point in the application process, you may click Save my Work. This will create a Draft that you may return to later by clicking on My Permits and Requests in the main menu.

Confirm and Pay

  1. From the Submit page, confirm that the details of your submission are correct (press Modify to edit).
    1. Check the Acknowledgements & Submit boxes.
      1. For all permits except Street Tree Pruning, Self Issued,  Click the Continue to Payment button .  IMPORTANT: This button will still appear even if you have requested a Fee Waiver in your application.
      2. For Street Tree Pruning, Self Issued permits click Submit.
  2. On the View and Pay Fees page:
    1. If you requested a Fee Waiver you will see a message stating “There are no fees available for online payment at this time". Your application is complete.
    2. If you have fees due, you will see a table containing the IVR Number, Bill Number, and total due.  To pay, check the box to the left of the IVR Number and click Pay Selected Bills.
      1. On the Payment page, enter your customer information and credit card number, and press Submit Payment.  Once Payment is complete, you may click Print Receipt.

Other DevHub main menu functions

My Permits & Requests

Click this menu item to view the status of your existing applications and permits.

  1. Several statuses may be displayed:
    1. Draft: submitted requests that have not been processed by Urban Forestry.
      1. Click Continue to edit or add information to your application.
      2. Click Delete to cancel the application.
    2. Application – UF: Pending requests, intake completed by Urban Forestry.
    3. Issued – UF: Permits approved and issued by Urban Forestry.
    4. Denied – UF: Permits denied by Urban Forestry.

View or Pay Fees

Click this menu item to find and pay fees associated with your permits; you may search by IVR number or permit number.

My Bills

Click this menu item to see a list of your unpaid bills.