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Carya ovata


Shagbark Hickory


Carya ovata - Shagbark Hickory

About Shagbark Hickory at OSU's Landscape Plants site

  • Native to eastern North America.

  • Height can exceed 130’.

  • Leaves are compound, usually with 5 leaflets. Leaves can be 14” long.

  • Nuts ripen in Portland and are the best tasting of all hickories.

  • Bark is in shaggy plates and is grayish.

  • Wood is very heavy, hard, strong, tough, close grained, and elastic.

  • Uncommon in Portland.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes

Lair Hill Park

Portland Parks & Recreation

60' Height

50' Spread

6.2' Circ.

This tree is in Lair Hill Park, on the east side, opposite Cedarwood School.

Carya ovata - Shagbark Hickory