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Arbutus menziesii




Arbutus menziesii - Madrone

About Madrone at OSU's Landscape Plants site 

  • Native to the west coast from B.C. to southern California.

  • In the wild can reach over 100’; less in the city.

  • Tree is a broadleaf evergreen, shedding its old leaves bit by bit. Leaf is shiny and has a red petiole.

  • Flowers are white clusters in early spring. Fruit is halfinch red ball in late summer.

  • Bark is red-brown and exfoliates in patches to display smooth green-yellow beneath.

  • Uncommon in Portland. Prefers dry hillsides. Over 50 years ago, large stands were on east bank of Willamette River.

Tree #LocationDimensionsPhoto and Notes

8018 SE Bush St

Right of Way

41' Height

40' Canopy

7.3' Circumference

Planted in 1957

Arbutus menziesii - Madrone