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Urban Forestry

Portland's trees provide numerous services to the city, such as stormwater interception, reduced air pollution, urban heat island mitigation, and wildlife habitat.

Call Before You Cut. Find rules for removal, pruning, and planting. Learn about tree requirements and permits for development.

Development Services Center
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Urban Forestry

Manager of our urban forest infrastructure

Upcoming Events

Portland’s trees work hard, but our volunteers work even harder! Join your neighbors outdoors this spring, working on the body mechanics that keep tree caregivers strong and applying these skills to our community’s trees.
Classes and Activities
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To become an expert tree-identifier takes lots of practice looking at the trees outdoors. This online webinar will teach the methods of identification and the characteristics of trees that will advise you.
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All monthly meetings of the Urban Forestry Commission are open to the public and community involvement is encouraged. The first five minutes of the meeting are typically reserved for public comments. Please check the meeting agenda ahead of time to confirm if time allows for public comments.
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Urban Forestry Commission Policy Subcommittee Monthly Meeting
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The award-winning book "From Stumptown to Treetown" takes readers on a journey through the histor-tree of Downtown Portland. Author and local historian David-Paul B. Hedberg will join us virtually to discuss Portland's legacy of tree management.

Past Meetings and Hearings