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Foreclosure Overview


Foreclosure Sale Rules


These rules pertain to properties that City Council has approved for foreclosure sale as described in City Code | Chapter 5.30 Collections and Foreclosure Process | The City of Portland, Oregon


Once properties are approved for foreclosure by Council, and at any time prior to the foreclosure sale, any person with a recorded interest in the property may remove the property from the foreclosure list by paying in full the amount of the delinquent lien with penalties, interest, collection costs, and sales costs incurred through the date of payment.  If requested, notice that the property has been removed from the foreclosure sale shall be recorded in County records. 

After the foreclosure sale, any person with a recorded interest in the property has one year to redeem the property by paying in full the amount of the purchase price plus interest and penalty through the date of payment. Interest and penalty are established by ordinance.

Requests for payoff quotes may be directed to: or call 503-823-6851.  Provide name of property owner and property address.

Payments must be made in U.S. legal currency or cashier’s check made out to City of Portland. 

Payments will be accepted at the Revenue Division, 111 SW Columbia Street, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97201.  For in-person payments, please call the Revenue Division (503-823-5157) to schedule an appointment at least 24 hours prior to the date of making any payment.  Hours are Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm. 

Bidders purchase properties “as is”.  The City does not have ownership or control of the property and cannot provide opportunities for on-site inspections of the land or buildings.

The City Treasurer may bring a property back to Council for reconsideration if an analysis of the title report or other information indicates that foreclosure of the property would expose the City to unacceptable liability or is otherwise against the financial interest of the City.

The City Treasurer may choose to use a judicial or a non-judicial foreclosure sales process for each property.

The City Treasurer will follow the schedule below for events related to the foreclosure process.  Documents for each event are bolded.

Foreclosure Sale
Foreclosure timeline
AT LEAST 60 DAYS PRIOR TO SALEConduct of saleMake available Rules governing the conduct of the sale.5.30.170 (A)
UPON RECEIPT OF LISTRecording Notice of SaleRecord Notice of Foreclosure Sale in County records after ordering foreclosure report.5.30.130(A)
AT LEAST 60 DAYS PRIOR TO SALEIndividual NoticeRecord Notice of Foreclosure Sale in County records and send to all persons having a recorded interest in the property.5.30.140 (A)
AT LEAST 60 DAYS PRIOR TO SALENotice to relevant Neighborhood AssociationSend Notice of Foreclosure Sale to relevant Neighborhood Association.--
NO FEWER THAN 4 WEEKS PRIOR TO SALEPosted NoticePost Notice of Foreclosure Sale on the property.5.30.140 (C)
AT LEAST 25 DAYS PRIOR TO SALEOther NoticeSend Notice to the IRS of sale if a federal tax lien was recorded more than 30 days prior to scheduled date of sale.5.30.140 (D)>
ONCE A WEEK FOR 4 SUCCESSIVE WEEKS PRIOR TO SALENewspaper Notice #1, #2, #3 and #4Send Notice of Publication to daily or weekly newspaper of general circulation to print Notice of Sale.5.30.140 (B)
UP TO DAY OF SALEPayment of LienReceive payment in full and issue Notice of Removal From Foreclosure List and Foreclosure Sale.  Record in County records if requested.5.30.150
DAY OF SALEIssue Receipt to Purchaser.5.30.170 (B)
5 DAYS AFTER SALE Certificate of SaleSend Certificate of Sale to Purchaser5.30.190 (A)
DATE OF CERTIFICATE OF SALE UNTIL ONE YEAR AFTER DATE OF CERTIFICATE OF SALERedemption Period Begins/EndsIf redemption payment is made, Issue Certificate of Redemption.5.30.210
WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER SALENotice of SaleSend Notice of Sale and Rights of Redemption to all persons having a recorded interest in the property.5.30.190 (C)
3 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER SALEEntry of SalesSend foreclosure list with all collections and sales to Auditor.5.30.200 (A)
ONE YEAR AFTER DATE OF CERTIFICATE OF SALEIssuance of DeedPrepare, record, and deliver Bargain and Sale Deed to Purchaser.5.30.220

Other Foreclosure Information 

Redemption Interest Rate and Penalty Rate

City Code Documentation

Chapter 5.30 Collections and Foreclosure Process