Winter Weather Road Closures and Chain Advisories

chains on car tire in the snow
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) responds to road hazards day or night. In the event of severe weather, PBOT will list winter weather-related road closures and chain advisories here, if there are any. Report road hazards to PBOT Maintenance emergency dispatch 24/7 at 503-823-1700.

PBOT works to keep vital transit lines and emergency routes open. These snow and ice routes are the most critical for our city’s police and fire stations, hospitals, schools, frequent bus routes, the downtown core, and major business districts -- about a third of our entire street grid. PBOT’s mission is to provide at least one passable lane in each direction on these routes so that vehicles with front wheel drive or traction devices can get through. Depending on the severity of snow and ice, it can take up to three 12-hour shifts for our crews to sufficiently treat our routes with anti-icer. In a major snowfall, it can take our crews up to one 12-hour shift to plow our routes.

See our Winter Weather Center for a full interactive map of our routes and road closures.

Active road closures

Updated 2:13 p.m., Feb. 9, 2024.