Transportation Wallet Affordable Housing Pilot

Wallet icon with cards for bus, bike share, scooter share, and car share sticking out. Labeled "Free Access," and on the side text that says "For Residents in Affordable Housing"

The pilot phases of the Transportation Wallet for Residents of Affordable Housing have ended. Currently, PBOT staff are working on developing an expanded, ongoing Transportation Wallet to serve people and households living on low-incomes to be launched in Spring 2023. More information to come later in 2022. 

Information on completed pilot phases

What was the Transportation Wallet for Affordable Housing Pilot: 

The Transportation Wallet for Residents of Affordable Housing was a pilot program managed by the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) in partnership with selected affordable housing sites to offer a package of FREE transportation options, like transit passes, bike or scooter-share ride credit, and rideshare (Uber/ Lyft) or taxi ride credit.

PBOT ran two phases of the pilot in 2019-2020 and 2021-2022.

Program Goals:

  • Deliver Transportation Wallets to our partner affordable housing sites.
  • Reduce the barriers to using transportation options, like cost, technology access, credit/debit card requirements, and low-income verification processes for different providers.
  • Allow residents to access transportation and have the flexibility to use how much of the transportation options that fit their needs. 
  • Provide Resources to services and community events.
  • Communicate climate and equity benefits of transit and bike improvements in the City and promote investments in economic, physical, and community health.

Program Materials:

  • Want to see what is included in the 2021-2022 Transportation Wallet for Affordable Housing, click here

Pilot Project Evaluation: