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Transportation Wallet Sign Up

People in the Northwest and Central Eastside Parking Districts are eligible to apply for a Transportation Wallet. There are several types of Transportation Wallets and different ways people can qualify. Detailed information below. One Transportation Wallet (of any kind) per person per calendar year.

The form will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

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The Transportation Wallet (in parking districts) is a collection of passes and credits for use on transit, streetcar, bike-share and scooters and is available to residents and employees in the Northwest and Central Eastside Parking Districts.   

Image explaining what is in a Transportation Wallet. Information also written below image.

The 2021 Transportation Wallet for Adult and Honored Citizen transit fare costs $99 and comes with: 

  • TriMet Hop card: either $100 (Northwest) or $200 (Central Eastside) 
  • An annual Portland Streetcar Pass
  • $99 BIKETOWN bike-share credit
  • $30 scooter credit ($10 each with Spin, Lime, & Bird)
  • $30 Free2Move car-share credit

The 2021 Golden Transportation Wallet is free for people in the Northwest and Central Eastside Parking Districts who qualify for a TriMet Low Income Hop card. It comes with the same package as mentioned above and includes additional discounts with the featured transportation companies. Eligibility is based on TriMet's Fare Assistance Program, which is less than double the federal poverty level. 

Additionally, if you live or work in the Central Eastside Parking District, you are eligible for the Central Eastside Commuter Pass, which provides 6 consecutive months on TriMet for only $17 per month. Eligible applicants can get one Transportation Wallet and one Commuter Pass per calendar year. 

Check your eligibility

The address you provide must fall within the Northwest or Central Eastside Parking District boundaries. We will mail your package to this address, with the exception of people currently working from home. Check your eligibility using the address look-up finder below (optional).

Choose your Transportation Wallet Type

After you confirm your geographic eligibility, choose your Transportation Wallet type. These three options are available on the "Sign Up for a Transportation Wallet" button at the bottom of this page: 

  • Featuring Adult and Honored Citizen transit fares, available to purchase for $99
  • Featuring Low Income transit fare, available for free to people who qualify (known as a Golden Transportation Wallet)
  • Residents wanting to trade in an eligible parking permit (Zones M, G, or N) 

These two additional options are available by clicking the hyperlinks below: 

  • Employers wanting to trade in eligible parking permits (Zones M, G, or N) can apply at and scroll midway down the page to search for "Business Employee Roster and Transportation Wallet Form" under their parking district zone. 
  • Frontline workers in the Northwest Parking District can apply for a Frontline Worker Transportation Wallet

Sign up for a Transportation Wallet

Be ready with your mailing address in one of the parking districts and your Hop card number if you have a physical Hop card you want us to load. Otherwise we will issue you a new one.