Transportation Wallet in Parking Districts

People in the Northwest and Central Eastside Parking Districts are eligible to apply for a Transportation Wallet. There are several types of Transportation Wallets and different ways people can qualify.

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The Transportation Wallet (in parking districts) is a collection of passes and credits for use on transit, streetcar, bike-share, scooters and car-share and is available to people who live or work* in the Northwest and Central Eastside Parking Districts.

(*Work includes attending school, volunteering, regular use of a coworking space, and/or receiving employment services in either District). 

Comes with a $175 or $200 TriMet Hop card, annual Portland Streetcar pass, $99 BIKETOWN credit, $30 in scooter credits and $30 car-share credit.
Description of what is included in a 2023 Transportation Wallet.

The 2023 Transportation Wallet for Adult and Honored Citizen transit fare is a one-time benefit per calendar year. For only $99 it comes with:  

  • TriMet Hop card: either $175 (Northwest Parking District) or $200 (Central Eastside Parking District)
  • An annual Portland Streetcar Pass
  • $99 BIKETOWN bike-share credit
  • $30 scooter credit ($10 each with Spin, Lime, & Bird)
  • $30 Free2Move car-share credit

This entire package is valued at over $775!

If you choose to trade in your Zone M, G, or N Area Parking Permit you are eligible for a free Transportation Wallet. 

Income qualified-program

Do you live on a low-income or participate in any income assistance programs as a resident or employee of the Northwest or Central Eastside Parking Districts*? If so, you are eligible for a FREE Transportation Wallet: Access for All. 

*Please note: this program is not yet available outside of the Northwest and Central Eastside Parking Districts. Stay informed with program updates here. 

Qualified individuals in these parking districts can choose from these two options: 

Option 1: TriMet Honored Citizen 1-year pass

Option 1 is a TriMet Honored Citizen 1-year pass

This option is available for income-qualified Access for All participants who either already have an Honored Citizen Hop card or plan to apply for TriMet’s reduced-fare Honored Citizen Hop card. People who qualify include:

  • Income qualified seniors 65 years or older
  • Income qualified people with a disability
  • People who qualify based on income

To get your Honored Citizen Hop card and to learn more about reduced fare options, visit TriMet's website. 

Option 2: All Modes

Transportation Wallet: Option 2

This option includes: 

  • $200 loaded to your TriMet Hop card
  • BIKETOWN Membership
  • $75 prepaid Visa card for transportation services
  • Annual Portland Streetcar pass* (only available in the Northwest and Central Eastside Parking Districts) 

Check your eligibility

The address you provide must fall within the Northwest or Central Eastside Parking District boundaries. We will mail your package to this address, with the exception of people currently working from home. Check your eligibility using the address look-up finder below (optional).

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Choose your Transportation Wallet type

After you confirm your geographic eligibility, choose your Transportation Wallet type. 

  • Featuring Adult and Honored Citizen transit fares, available to purchase for $99
  • Available to income-qualified participants for free 
  • Residents wanting to trade in an eligible parking permit (Zones M, G, or N) for free
  • Employers wanting to trade in eligible parking permits (Zones M, G, or N). Apply at and scroll midway down the page to search for "Business Employee Roster and Transportation Wallet Form" under your parking district zone. 

Apply for a Transportation Wallet

For purchase for $99

Access for All (income-qualified program) for free

Residents trading in a parking permit for free

Employers trading in parking permits

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Transportation Wallet: Northwest Parking District

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