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The Golden Transportation Wallet is free for people who qualify for TriMet's Low Income Transit Fare Assistance program and are either residents or employees in the Northwest or Central Eastside Parking Districts.
La Billetera de Transporte Dorada es gratuito para todas las personas que reúnan los requisitos del programa "Tarifas reducidas de transporte para pasajeros de bajos ingresos" de TriMet y que sean residentes o empleados en los Distritos de estacionamiento noroeste o este central.
Current permit holders in the Northwest (Zone M) and Central Eastside Parking Districts (Zones G and N) are eligible to trade in permit(s) for Transportation Wallet(s). Rules and restrictions apply.
The Transportation Wallet for New Movers program provides transportation credits and information to residents of some of Portland's new multi-unit buildings. Additionally this is a program offered in the Northwest Parking District. Click "Are you in Northwest Portland" below.
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People in the Northwest and Central Eastside Parking Districts are eligible to apply for a Transportation Wallet. There are several types of Transportation Wallets and different ways people can qualify. Detailed information below. One Transportation Wallet per person, per calendar year.
Transportation Wallet PLUS provides an additional $300 in car-share credits for residents in the Northwest Parking District (Zone M) who sell or dispose of their vehicle.
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