Transportation Wallet PLUS

Transportation Wallet PLUS provides an additional $300 in car-share credits for residents in the Northwest Parking District (Zone M) who sell or dispose of their vehicle.

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In an effort to increase on-street parking supply, residents in the Northwest Parking District who sell or get rid of their vehicles can apply for a free Transportation Wallet PLUS, which includes $330 in Free2Move car-share drive credits. This benefit package is to encourage more trips using the modes offered in the Transportation Wallet, while simultaneously providing access to a shared vehicle when driving trips are needed. 

Transportation Wallet Plus is free to residents in the Northwest Parking District who sell or donate their vehicle
Image showing the contents of a Transportation Wallet Plus

The 2022 Transportation Wallet PLUS comes with: 

  • $175 TriMet Hop card
  • An annual Portland Streetcar Pass
  • $99 BIKETOWN bike-share credit
  • $30 scooter credit ($10 each with Spin, Lime, & Bird)
  • $330 in Free2Move car-share credits

This entire package is valued at over $1075!

Check your eligibility

You must live in the Northwest Parking District (Zone M). Check your eligibility using the address look-up finder below (optional).

Proof of DMV vehicle bill of sale or donation receipt

You will be required to upload your DMV vehicle bill of sale or a donation receipt proving you got rid of your vehicle in the sign up form below. Please be ready with an image you can upload from your phone or computer. 

Sign up for a Transportation Wallet PLUS

Be ready with a photo of your DMV vehicle bill of sale or donation receipt.  If you have a TriMet Hop card you want us to load please have the card number available. Otherwise we will issue you a new Hop card when signing up.  We are unable to load virtual Hop cards. 

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