Transportation Wallet for New Movers

The Transportation Wallet for New Movers program provides transportation credits and information to residents of some of Portland's new multi-unit buildings.
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How does the Transportation Wallet for New Movers work? 

Transportation Wallet: New Mover Welcome Flyer

The Transportation Wallet for New Movers program was created for residents of certain new multi-unit buildings constructed in Portland. The program is funded by a fee developers pay when they get their building permit. (If you just moved to the Northwest Parking District scroll down for more info). 

If you live in a building that’s part of the program, there should be a flyer in the move-in packet you get from your property manager.

You’ll see a special link on the left side of the flyer to sign up with your unique code for FREE transportation credits and other information for you. You can also sign up directly here if you have your unique code. 

After you sign up, PBOT will email you Portland transportation tips and send your Transportation Wallet for New Movers package by mail.

You’ll have up to 3 options for your Transportation Wallet for New Movers package:

  • A TriMet Hop card preloaded with $100 + $100 in BIKETOWN bike-share credit
  • A TriMet Hop card preloaded with $100 + $100 in Adaptive BIKETOWN rental coupons. This option is only available for Medicare recipients, seniors age 65+, or others who self-identify that they are unable to ride a traditional two-wheeled bicycle due to injury, illness, or ability.
  •  A TriMet Honored Citizen Annual Pass. This option is only available for people who qualify for TriMet’s Honored Citizen fare. A $308 value.

The Transportation Wallet for New Movers is non-transferable and non-refundable. Limit one per person, 18 and up. More than one person per unit may get their own Transportation Wallet for New Movers.

More about the program

Depending on city zoning, some buildings pay into a fund aimed at helping their residents use other ways of getting around town than driving a car, such as public transit and bike-share.

This helps reduce transportation costs for residents and helps shift us toward more environmentally friendly ways of traveling.

Buildings are enrolled in this program if they meet all the following criteria:

  • Building permits were issued after May 2018
  • The building has more than 10 units (this also includes building alteration projects that add more than 10 units.)
  • The building is in one of the following commercial/mixed-use or multi-dwelling zone types: CR, CM1, CM2, CM3, CE, CX, RM1, RM2, RM3, RM4, RX, or RMP. See the city’s Portland Zoning site for a map of zoning in Portland.

Developers of buildings that fit these criteria pay what’s called a Multimodal Incentive Fee to fund transportation options for their residents, provide information about travel options, and administer surveys of residents for four years after the building is built. The fee is $1,100 per market-rate unit or $308 per regulated affordable unit—the same price as a TriMet annual pass.

This program does not include buildings located inside the area designated by planners as “Central City” or which are far from transit. “Far from transit” is defined as more than 1,500 feet from a transit station or more than 500 feet from a street with 20‐minute transit service during peak hours.

Information for developers

For more information about the requirements for developers, see:

Are you in Northwest Portland?

If you are a New Resident to the Northwest Parking District in the last 6 months from another part of town and choose not to get a Zone M on-street parking permit, you can sign up for a different Transportation Wallet package than what is offered above. Check your address here for eligibility. Ready to apply ? sign up here.