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The Golden Transportation Wallet is free for people who qualify for TriMet's Low Income Transit Fare Assistance program and are either residents or employees in the Northwest or Central Eastside Parking Districts.

The form will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

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The Golden Transportation Wallet is a collection of passes and credits for use on transit, streetcar, bike-share and scooters. It is offered for free to residents and employees in the Northwest and Central Eastside Parking Districts who qualify for TriMet's Fare Assistance Program, which is less than double the federal poverty level. (This is available until the end of 2022 as PBOT transitions to the new Transportation Wallet: Access for All program.)

Transportation Wallet description contents

The 2022 Golden Transportation Wallet is a one-time benefit per calendar year and comes with:  

  • TriMet Hop card: either $175 (Northwest Parking District) or $200 (Central Eastside Parking District)
  • Annual Portland Streetcar Pass
  • $99 BIKETOWN bike-share credit
  • $30 scooter credit ($10 each with Spin, Lime, & Bird)
  • $30 Free2Move car-share credit

Plus get access to 50% or more off of fares because you qualify based on income. 

Check your eligibility

The address you provide must fall within the Northwest or Central Eastside Parking District boundaries. We will mail your package to this address, with the exception of people currently working from home. Check your eligibility using the address look-up finder below (optional).

Get your Low Income TriMet Hop card

In order to receive a Golden Transportation Wallet, you must already have a Low Income Honored Citizen Photo ID TriMet Hop card. The exception is for people who qualify for TriMet's Honored Citizen transit fare and also live on a low income. We can issue you an Honored Citizen Hop card instead. 

Apply with TriMet for your Hop card 

Apply for a Golden Transportation Wallet

Be ready with these things before signing up:

  • Your Low Income Honored Citizen Photo ID TriMet Hop card number (unless you qualify based on age (65+) and/or ability, plus income)
  • Your mailing address in one of the parking districts (Northwest or Central Eastside) 
  • The name and contact of someone who can verify your residence and/or employment in one of the parking districts
  • New July 2022! TriMet is offering a FREE Month Pass for Low Income Hop card holders. If you already have your Low Income Hop card a Month Pass was automatically loaded. If you are applying for the first time or renewing your Low Income Hop Card, it will be applied then. Use up the Month Pass first, then a few days before that pass expires apply for a Golden Transportation Wallet. We want you you to get the most out of these transit benefits!

Apply Here 

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