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Transportation Wallet Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation Wallet FAQs
Get answers to your questions about the Transportation Wallet.
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General Information 

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What is a Transportation Wallet?  The Transportation Wallet is a collection of passes and credits for use on transit, streetcar, bike-share, e-scooters, taxis, Uber and Lyft, and parking. 

Do I qualify for a Transportation Wallet? 

  1. Transportation Wallet in Parking Districts. Available to people who live or work in the Central Eastside and Northwest Parking Districts. Available for free (by trading in an eligible parking permit) or for $99. 
  2. Transportation Wallet: Access for All. Available to people who meet one of the below criteria:
  • Portland residents who meet income qualifications AND are already existing clients of a partner organization


   3. Transportation Wallet: New Movers. Available for free to residents of select multi-family buildings

How do I sign up for a Transportation Wallet ? After you confirm your eligibility you can choose from the following Transportation Wallets. Restrictions apply. 

Can I get more than one Transportation Wallet per year? No. You can only get one per calendar year. Transportation Wallets are available (to people who meet eligibility criteria) once per calendar year. Wallet benefits are issued once unless individuals reapply each year.

How long does it take before I receive my Transportation Wallet?
If eligible, a Wallet is typically processed within 2 weeks upon receiving all necessary applicant information. Each Transportation Wallet program has different processing needs and fulfillment timelines will vary based on:

  • Eligibility and address verification
  • Your TriMet Hop card selection
  • Wallet type

Learn more about processing and fulfillment timelines for each Transportation Wallet program from our homepage.

How do I use my prepaid Visa card for transportation resources?

The Transportation Wallet: Access for All includes a prepaid Visa card to be used on transportation services like e-scooters, taxis and ride-hailing (Uber/ Lyft), parking (Portland Parking Meters/ Parking Kitty/ SmartPark), and more. Here is some important information about the prepaid Visa cards:  

  • To enable use, the prepaid Visa card must be activated using the date of birth a recipient entered when registering – activation directions are included in the Wallet. 

  • The prepaid Visa card will not work for purchases that are not transportation related.  

  • For security reasons, some vendors may require zip code verification in order to make a purchase. In these cases, Wallet recipients must use the zip code that corresponds to the address they entered when registering. 
  • For lost or stolen prepaid Visa cards email:   

TriMet, Streetcar and Hop card questions 

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Can you add funds onto my existing Hop card? 
Yes. During sign up, enter your 16-digit TriMet Hop card number and we can add funds remotely. If you don’t have a Hop card you can request one* from us.
*This excludes Low-Income Transit Assistance Cards, which you can apply for with TriMet directly. 

Can I use my virtual Hop card number for a Transportation Wallet? 
No, unfortunately not. This is due to how TriMet has programmed their Hop cards. Learn more about Virtual Hop Cards for Apple and Android

What if I qualify for Low Income Honored Citizen TriMet fare? 
Individuals who quality for Low Income Honored Citizen TriMet fare and are eligible for a Transportation Wallet based on Parking District eligibility, or who are selected by a participating Community-Based Organization, are welcome to apply for a Transportation Wallet. 

My Low Income Hop card expires soon. What should I do? 
Reapply for a new Low Income Hop Card with TriMet within two months of expiration. If you have any remaining balance, TriMet can transfer that to your new Low Income Hop Card. 

Can I transfer the balance on my Transportation Wallet-issued Hop card to the Hop App and use it on my phone? 
Yes, transfers are allowed between Hop cards registered to the same account. However, monthly and annual passes cannot be transferred, only the funds are transferable. Please be aware once you transfer from a physical Hop card to your Hop App, the physical Hop card will no longer work. 

When does my Portland Streetcar annual pass expire? 
You can check the expiration at under “check balance”.

I lost my Hop card. How can I replace it? 
If you have a registered Hop card and it is ever lost or stolen, let TriMet know immediately by logging in to your account and choosing “Report Lost or Stolen” on the Hop website or in the Hop app. Or call TriMet at 1-844-MYHOPCARD (694-6722). TriMet is available 7:30 am.-5:30 pm, daily. 

Who do I contact with questions about TriMet or Hop? 

  • By phone: 1-844-MYHOPCARD (694-6722) 
  • In person: TriMet Ticket Office in Pioneer Courthouse Square 

BIKETOWN Questions

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What BIKETOWN benefits are included in my Transportation Wallet? 

  • BIKETOWN information for Access For All Wallet recipients can be found here 
  • BIKETOWN information for Central Eastside and Northwest Parking District Wallet recipients can be found here 
  • BIKETOWN information for New Mover Wallet recipients can be found here 

Can I still use BIKETOWN if I don't have a smartphone? Yes, you can. To create a BIKETOWN account you will need a mobile device capable of receiving a text-message verification code. Once your account is created, it can then be linked to a key card which you can use to unlock bikes by tapping the card to the back fender of the bike. If you currently have a BIKETOWN account and would like to request a key card to access bikes, please fill out this key card request form. Note that you must have an active BIKETOWN account prior to submitting a key card request. Please allow 3-5 days for key card fulfillment. 

How does the Transportation Wallet BIKETOWN benefit work for people who already use BIKETOWN? If you are a Parking District or New Mover Wallet recipient, you will be issued a promo code (valid for ride credit) which can be applied to your BIKETOWN account. Apply your code in the BIKETOWN mobile app by clicking “promos” in the menu. 

Can I use my BIKETOWN ride credit to purchase an Annual BIKETOWN Membership?  No. The ride credit promo code can be added to your BIKETOWN account. However, you can purchase an Annual Membership on your own to make your ride credit last longer with cheaper rates.   

When does my access to BIKETOWN expire? Add the promo code (provided in your Transportation Wallet) to your BIKETOWN account anytime and your benefit will be valid for one year from the date it was entered.  

What is Adaptive BIKETOWN?  Adaptive BIKETOWN is a short-term bike rental program for people living with a disability and for people who are unable to ride a traditional two-wheeled bicycle. Adaptive BIKETOWN is made possible through PBOT’s partnership with Kerr Bikes and offers free one-hour rides on adaptive bicycles. The Transportation Wallet offers both Adaptive BIKETOWN and electric-assist (e-bike) BIKETOWN ride options.   Adaptive bikes can be rented from the Adaptive BIKETOWN hub located in the red barn next to OMSI (click here for location and most up to date hours). Please note that reservations are required during the fall and winter months since the Adaptive BIKETOWN hub is closed for walk-up rentals during the off-season. 

Is BIKETOWN connected to Lyft? Yes, BIKETOWN is operated by Lyft. You must initially create your BIKETOWN account using the BIKETOWN PDX app, however once your account is created, you can access BIKETOWN bikes through the Lyft mobile app or the BIKETOWN mobile app.  

Who do I contact if I have other BIKETOWN-related questions? Below are several BIKETOWN resources that can provide further information: 

Scooter Questions

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How do I apply my scooter credits from Lime? 
Get the Lime Scooter app on the Apple App Store or GooglePlay. Click Settings, Promos. Enter your code. Apply your code anytime in 2024 and it will be valid until Jan 1, 2026. Only enter the code once. Note: When you use the Lime promo code you will receive $2.50 off each of your next 12 rides ($30 value). 

What if I don't have a smartphone or credit card. Can I still ride? 
Lime has a program that features text to unlock for their scooters at this time. Follow the instructions to register.

Who do I contact if I have a scooter specific question?  
It is easiest to contact the scooter companies through their apps. You can also find support for Lime online.

Trading in a Parking Permit for a Transportation Wallet

This section is only applicable to the Transportation Wallet in Parking Districts program. 

How can I trade in my parking permit to get a free Transportation Wallet? 
If you are a resident or employee in the Central Eastside (Zones G & N) or Northwest (Zone M) Parking Districts you can choose to trade in parking permits for free Transportation Wallets. Rules apply. 

Please contact 503-823-2777 or for more information.  

If I trade in my parking permit, can I return the Transportation Wallet to get my permit back? 
No. The Transportation Wallet will be issued in lieu of a parking permit and cannot be exchanged for a parking permit at a later date, regardless of whether the contents of the Transportation Wallet have been used or not. 

Citywide Transportation Resources   

I don’t qualify for a Transportation Wallet. Are there other programs for me?  

These programs are available to people living on low incomes:  

These programs are available to people living with a disability:

  • TriMet LIFT Paratransit -  Shared-ride service for people who are unable to use regular buses and trains due to a disability or disabling health condition.  

  • Adaptive BIKETOWN - Adaptive bike rental program to increase biking access for people with disabilities. 

Additional Portland-based transportation programs:

  • ACCESS Shuttle – A free shuttle service that provides connection to the area south of PDX airport. The shuttle runs weekdays in the early morning and afternoon peaks between the Cully neighborhood and Parkrose/Sumner Transit Center, with multiple stops in between.