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Transportation Wallet FAQs
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General Information 

What is a Transportation Wallet?  The Transportation Wallet is a collection of passes and credits for use on transit, streetcar, bike-share, e-scooters, car-share and sometimes on taxis or TNCs (like Uber and Lyft). 

How do I sign up for a Transportation Wallet (in parking districts)? After you confirm your eligibility you can choose from the following Transportation Wallets. Restrictions apply. 

For purchase for $99

Residents trading in a parking permit for free

Employers trading in parking permits

Who is eligible for a Transportation Wallet (in Parking Districts)? People who live or work* in the Northwest and Central Eastside Parking Districts are eligible. This represents parking permit Zones M, G, and N. You can verify your eligibility here.
*(Work includes attending school, volunteering, regular use of a coworking space, and/or receiving employment services in either District). 

How do I sign up for Transportation Wallet: Access for All? 
PBOT will be launching the Transportation Wallet: Access for All in summer 2023. 
Sign up here for updates. 

How much does a Transportation Wallet cost? A Transportation Wallet costs $99 to purchase.  People can also get one for free in the following instances:  

  • By trading in an eligible on-street parking permit (Zones M, G, & N) 

  • Portland residents (either individuals or households) who meet income qualifications AND are associated with partner organizations OR meet Northwest or Central Eastside Parking District eligibility.  

  • As a new mover to the Northwest Parking District who does not apply for a Zone M parking permit  

  • As a resident in some of Portland's new multi-unit buildings

Additionally, employers in the Northwest Parking District can trade in Zone M permits in exchange for Transportation Wallets for $25 each if the number of permits traded in is equal to or lower than the amount traded in the previous year. If that amount is higher then the Transportation Wallets are offered for free.  

Can I get more than one Transportation Wallet per year? No. You can only get one per calendar year. 

How long does it take before I receive my Transportation Wallet? Transportation Wallets are issued in a variety of ways. Every person signing up must meet eligibility requirements. Program staff typically fulfill Wallet requests within 10 business days. If you already have your own TriMet Hop card, staff can to load your card remotely, which reduces wait time receiving one in the mail. Your other Wallet benefits will most likely be sent to you in the mail. 

How is the Transportation Wallet funded? Transportation Walletshave different funding sources depending on the sub-program.

  • Transportation Wallet: Northwest and Central EastsideParking permit surcharge fees collected in these parking districts offset the retail cost of the Transportation Wallet. Funds collected in the parking districts must be spent on transportation projects and programs back in the respective districts.
  • Transportation Wallet: Access for All: A 20-cent transaction fee on metered street parking spots helps financially support this program. PBOT’s Parking Climate and Equitable Mobility Transaction Fee went into effect in summer of 2022 and is collected through parking meters and PBOT’s Parking Kitty mobile app.
  • Transportation Wallet: New Mover:  A multi-modal incentive fee is collected from developers of select multi-family buildings to help mitigate the impact of development on the transportation system.

What is the Transportation Wallet for Residents of Affordable Housing Pilot Program? 
This pilot program is now part of the Transportation Wallet: Access for All program. PBOT partnered with selected affordable housing sites across Portland to offer a package of FREE transportation options, like transit passes, bike or scooter-share ride credit, and ride-share (Uber/Lyft) or taxi ride credit. PBOT staff are developing an expanded, ongoing Transportation Wallet: Access for All program to serve people and households living on low-incomes to be launched in Spring 2023.

Learn more information about the 2021-2022 program: 
Transportation Wallet for Affordable Housing

What is the Transportation Wallet: New Mover Program? 
The Transportation Wallet for New Movers provides transportation credits and information to residents of some of Portland's new multi-unit buildings. The program is funded by a fee developers pay when they get their building permit. 

How can I stay informed about program updates? 
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Transportation Wallet: Northwest Parking District

Transportation Wallet: Central Eastside Parking District 

Transportation Wallet: Access for All 

Trading in a Parking Permit for a Transportation Wallet

How can I trade in my parking permit to get a free Transportation Wallet? Transportation Wallets are only available to residents and businesses in the Northwest Parking District (Zone M) and the Central Eastside Industrial District (Zone N and G). Residents and businesses can choose to trade in parking permits for Transportation Wallets. 

Residents can order a free Transportation Wallet by indicating this when signing up on the Transportation Wallet Sign Up form.

Zone M Businesses can trade in employee parking permits for free or discounted Transportation Wallets by filling out an online application.  Businesses orders can be done by filling out the "Business Employee Roster and Transportation Wallet Form" on  

Zone N and G Businesses can trade in employee parking permits free Transportation Wallets by filling out the "Business Employee Roster and Transportation Wallet Form" on

Please contact 503-823-2777 or for more information.  

If I trade in my parking permit, can I return the Transportation Wallet to get my permit back? No. The Transportation Wallet will be issued in lieu of a parking permit and cannot be exchanged for a parking permit at a later date, regardless of whether the contents of the Transportation Wallet have been used or not. 

Central Eastside Commuter Pass

What is the Central Eastside Commuter Pass and who is eligible?  The Central Eastside Commuter Pass is a TriMet Hop pass you can activate for up to six consecutive months for only $17 each month. People who live or work within the boundaries of the Central Eastside Parking Permit District (Zones G & N) qualify. However, you are ineligible if you are already participating in a Portland Community College (PCC) or TriMet Universal Pass program. 

Can I get both a Transportation Wallet and a Commuter Pass? Yes, eligible applicants can get both a Transportation Wallet and a Commuter Pass in a calendar year. 

Why isn’t the Commuter Pass offered in the Northwest Parking District like the Transportation Wallet? The Northwest Parking Stakeholder Advisory Committee has not explored this option at this time. 

Where can I learn more about the Commuter Pass? Visit the Central Eastside Industrial Council (CEIC) webpage to learn more. 

TriMet, Streetcar and Hop card questions 

Do you offer Transportation Wallets for Honored Citizens? Yes! Just select "Honored Citizen" as your transit fare type during sign-up if you are 65+ and/or have a disability. However, if you qualify for Honored Citizen fare based on income, you can get a free Golden Transportation Wallet if you are a resident or employee in the Northwest or Central Eastside Parking District. 

What if I qualify for Low Income Honored Citizen TriMet fare? 

We offer free Transportation Wallets to people who qualify for TriMet's Honored Citizen Low-Income transit fare or who qualify for other income-based assistance programs. This offer will become available in Spring 2023. 

Can I load my existing Hop card? Yes, during sign up you can choose to have your existing physical Hop card loaded or get a new Hop card if you do not have one. Please note, the Transportation Wallet program cannot load to virtual Hop cards (Google Wallet or Apple Pay).  

My Low Income Hop card expires soon. What should I do? Reapply for another Low Income Hop Card with TriMet within two months of expiration. We cannot give you a Transportation Wallet on a Hop card about to expire. 

Can I transfer the balance on my Transportation Wallet-issued Hop card to the Hop App and use it on my phone? No, unfortunately not. This is due to how TriMet has programmed their Hop cards. We do not load virtual Hop cards. More info here. 

When does my Portland Streetcar annual pass expire? You can check the expiration at under “check balance”.

I lost my Hop card. How can I replace it? If you have a registered Hop card and it is ever lost or stolen, let TriMet know immediately by logging in to your account and choosing “Report Lost or Stolen” on the Hop website or in the Hop app. Or call TriMet at 1-844-MYHOPCARD (694-6722). TriMet is available 7:30 am.-5:30 pm, daily. 

Who do I contact with questions about TriMet or Hop? By phone: 1-844-MYHOPCARD (694-6722) In person: TriMet Ticket Office in Pioneer Courthouse Square 

BIKETOWN Questions

Can I still use BIKETOWN if I don't have a smartphone? Yes, you can. To create a BIKETOWN account you will need a mobile device capable of receiving a text-message verification code. Once your account is created, we can then link it to a key card which you can use to unlock bikes simply by tapping it to the back fender of the bike. If you currently have a BIKETOWN account and would like to request a key card to access bikes, please text “Card” to 844-965-1890. We will collect your information and begin the process of linking your account to a key card. You will have the option to have the key card mailed to your home address, or pick it up at the Portland Building front desk located at 1120 SW 5th Ave.

If you have any other questions regarding BIKETOWN, please contact 311 or visit

How does the Transportation Wallet work for BIKETOWN users? You will be issued a $99 ride promo code which you can apply to your account. Apply your code in the BIKETOWN mobile app by clicking “promos” in the menu. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the BIKETOWN mobile app. 

Can I use my $99 BIKETOWN ride credit to purchase an Annual Membership?  No. The $99 promo code can be added as ride credit to your account. However, you can purchase an Annual Membership on your own to make your ride credit last longer with cheaper rates.  

When does my $99 BIKETOWN ride credit expire? Add the code to your account anytime and it will be valid for one year from the date it was entered. 

What is Adaptive BIKETOWN?  Adaptive BIKETOWN is a bike rental program for people with disabilities and for those who are unable to ride a traditional bicycle. Adaptive BIKETOWN offers free one hour rides for anyone experiencing a disability or are unable to ride a two wheeled bicycle. The Transportation Wallet offers both Adaptive BIKETOWN and electric-assist (e-bike) BIKETOWN ride options.  

Is BIKETOWN affiliated with Lyft? Yes, BIKETOWN is an affiliate of Lyft ride-hailing company. You can access BIKETOWN through the Lyft mobile app or the BIKETOWN mobile app. You can also add your promo code to either app by clicking “promos” in the menu. 

Who do I contact if I have a BIKETOWN-specific question? Review help center questions or contact customer service.  

Scooter Questions

How do I apply my $10 credit for Spin? Get the Spin Scooter app on Apple App Store or GooglePlay
Click Settings, Free Rides, Your Promos. Enter your code. Apply your code and it will be valid for one year from the date it was entered. 

How do I apply my $10 credit for Bird? Get the Bird Scooter app on the Apple App Store or GooglePlay
Click Settings, Free Rides, Your Promos. Enter your code. Apply your code anytime in 2022 and use by December 31, 2022. Note: When you use the Bird promo code you will receive $10 off one ride. 

How do I apply my $10 credit for Lime? Get the Lime Scooter app on the Apple App Store or GooglePlay. Click Settings, Free Rides, Your Promos. Enter your code. Apply your code anytime in 2022 and it will be valid until Jan 1, 2023. Note: When you use the Lime promo code you will receive $2 off each of your next five rides. 

What if I don't have a smartphone or credit card. Can I still ride? Only Spin and Lime have programs that feature text to unlock for their scooters at this time. Follow the instructions to register with the respective provider.

Who do I contact if I have a scooter specific question?  It is easiest to contact the scooter companies through their apps. You can also find support online: BirdLimeSpin

Free2Move car-share questions   

How do I apply my $30 drive credit? You must first sign up with Free2Move and confirm your registration. Then, get the Free2Move app on Apple App Store or GooglePlay. Book a car in the app. Before opening the car, when selecting "payment method" click "add a promotion code". Insert your unique code and click "add". 

Who do I contact if I have a question about Free2Move? Review their Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Citywide Transportation Resources   

I don’t qualify for a Transportation Wallet because I’m not in one of the parking districts. Are there other programs for me?  

These programs are available to you if you live on a low income:  

Other resources:  

What other transportation services are available in Portland?  

  • TriMet LIFT Paratransit -  Shared-ride service for people who are unable to use regular buses and trains due to a disability or disabling health condition.  

  • TriMet LIFT Grocery Delivery – Current LIFT-eligible customers can get groceries and essential goods delivered.  

  • Adaptive BIKETOWN - Adaptive bike rental program to increase biking access for people with disabilities.