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What is the Transportation Wallet?

The Transportation Wallet is the City of Portland's Universal Basic Mobility (UBM) program. UBM is a transportation strategy based on the idea that everyone should have access to a basic level of mobility to meet their transportation needs, regardless of their income or where they live. Portland’s Transportation Wallet aims to address this by providing multimodal transportation incentives for use on transit, streetcar, bike-share, scooter-share, taxis and TNCs (like Uber and Lyft).

The Transportation Wallet is a key demand management strategy to encourage people to drive less, try new travel modes, manage on-street parking demand, reduce issuances of parking permits, and alleviate the burdens of transportation costs for people living on low-incomes. 

Currently, PBOT's Transportation Wallets are made up of the below programs:

  1. Transportation Wallet in Parking Districts (Central Eastside and Northwest Parking Districts)
  2. Transportation Wallet: Access for All (Free to low income qualified individuals)
  3. Transportation Wallet: New Movers  

PBOT's Transportation Wallet Programs

1. Transportation Wallet in Parking Districts

What: The Transportation Wallet in Parking Districts provides a deeply discounted transportation options package for residents and employees in the Central Eastside and Northwest Parking Districts. It is designed to reduce parking demand and single occupancy vehicle usage while simultaneously increasing use of transit services, bike-share and e-scooters.

Eligibility: Available to residents and employees in the Central Eastside and Northwest Parking Districts. How participant receives the wallet:

  • Purchase for $99 (87% off retail cost of transportation passes)
  • Trade in a parking permit and receive one for free
  • As a New Resident to the Northwest Parking District who chooses not to get a parking permit

The 2024 Wallet includes:

  • $200 TriMet Hop card 
  • Annual Portland Streetcar pass
  • $99 BIKETOWN bike-share credit
  • $30 in e-scooter credits  

Learn more about the Transportation Wallet in Parking Districts. 

2. Transportation Wallet: Access for All

What: Transportation Wallet: Access for All is a program focused on offering a package of FREE transportation options, like transit fare, bike or scooter-share ride credit, and ride-share (Uber/Lyft) or taxi ride credit for people and households living on low-incomes. The program is focused on reducing barriers to using transportation options, like cost, technology access, credit/debit card requirements, and low-income verification processes for different providers.

Eligibility: Portland residents (either individuals or households) who meet income qualifications AND are associated with partner organizations OR meet Northwest or Central Eastside Parking District eligibility.  

What's in the Wallet: There are three options for people to choose from:

  • Option 1: Transit Only (individual) – 1-year pass loaded on an Honored Citizen Hop card.
  • Option 2: All Modes (individual) - $200 on Hop card and $75 on prepaid Visa card for Uber/Lyft/Taxi, e-scooter, car-share, and BIKETOWN for All.
  • Option 3: All Modes (household) – depending on household size $225 - $300 on Hop card and $100 - $175 on prepaid Visa card for Uber/Lyft/Taxi, e-scooter, car-share and BIKETOWN for All

Learn more about Transportation Wallet: Access for All

3. Transportation Wallet: New Mover

What: The Transportation Wallet for New Movers program provides transportation credits and information to residents of some of Portland's new multi-unit buildings.

Eligibility: People moving into the new multi-family buildings – more than 10 new units in certain zones (commercial mixed-use and multi-dwelling zones permitted after May 2018).

What's in the Wallet: Three options:

  • $100 TriMet Hop card + $100 BIKETOWN credit
  • $100 TriMet Hop card + Access to Adaptive BIKETOWN 
  • TriMet Honored Citizen 1-year Pass (a $308 value)

Learn more about Transportation Wallet for New Movers