SmartTrips: Getting around Portland by foot, bike, and public transit

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) provides information and resources for getting around by walking, biking, public transit and more. We host free community events, provide helpful tools, and information about how to take smart trips.

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Portland offers a variety of choices for getting around without a car. Many Portlanders already live in neighborhoods where walking and biking are great options for short trips. And combining walking, biking and e-scooting with public transit is great for longer trips.

As Portland continues to grow, we are working to build a system that provides all Portlanders with a variety of options to move about the city and meet their daily needs.

Resources for getting around in different ways

  • Walking - Learn the benefits of walking, how to navigate Portland streets and tips for staying safe.
  • Biking - Learn the best bike routes, rules of the road, and tips for a great ride. 
  • Public Transit - Learn how to take the bus, MAX Light Rail, Portland Streetcar, Portland Aerial Tram. 
  • Shared vehicles, bikes, and scooters - Learn the companies and types of vehicle sharing available for your use. 

Bike and walk maps

Explore our free bike and walk maps for all the best routes and up to date information.

The digital bike map shows bike shops, biking options such as neighborhood greenways and protected bike lanes, as well as difficult intersections and connections.

Citywide Bike Map (Digital) 

Neighborhood maps feature pedestrian paths, transit stops, libraries, parks and other community resources. 

Neighborhood Bike and Walk Maps (PDF)

Free community events

  • Portland By Cycle Rides - Guided group bike rides with a variety of themes, challenge level, and locations.
  • Portland By Cycle Classes - Learn how to use your bike for transportation.
  • Ten Toe Walks - Guided group walks from May to September, with a variety of themes, challenge levels, and locations.
  • NeighborWalks - Guided group walks from May to October, in partnership with AARP and Oregon Walks.
  • Sunday Parkways- Monthly open street events from May to September, each in a different neighborhood.

Printed transportation resources 

Request printed transportation resources including walk and bike maps, biking and walking guides, and safety information. 

 Request printed transportation materials

Contact us

Reach out to the SmartTrips team for advice and support as you explore new ways of getting around.