SW 35th Ave Sidewalk Infill and Crossing Project

Contractor construction crews will fill sidewalk gaps and improve pedestrian access at two locations along SW 35th Ave.
A graphic drawing of the SW 35th and Dickinson project. Shows a northbound view of SW 35th Ave with new corner ramps, two medians and a marked crosswalk included to show project details.
Completed November 2023
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What's Happening Now?

This project was completed in November 2023.

Project Description

Southwest 35th Avenue was identified as an important connection for students and families attending Jackson Middle School in the Wells cluster of Portland Public Schools district. Walking routes and challenging connections were highlighted by school communities during a Safe Routes to School outreach process held throughout 2017.

You can read more about the planning process and see a map of citywide project locations and routes at SafeRoutesProjects.com.

Here are the planned project elements:

1. Build new sidewalk in two sections along SW 35th to connect gaps. Planned segments are shown with yellow rectangles in the graphic below. The segments include:

  • West side, between SW Huber and Jackson MS driveway
  • East side, from SW Dickinson St north until just past Jackson MS driveway

2. Build new or update outdated ADA curb ramps. Locations include:

  • NW corner of SW Huber and 35th Ave
  • NE corner of SW Dickinson and 35th Ave
  • Mid-block ramp on west side of SW 35th across from intersection of SW Dickinson

3. Build two "floating" median islands and mark a crosswalk at the intersection of SW Dickinson and 35th Ave. Median islands  provide a waiting space for people crossing. See below for an image showing improvement locations.

An aerial Google street view image conveying where project components are located. Details included in text on webpage.

Project Funding

The Fixing Our Streets 10-cent citywide gas tax was approved by voters in May 2016 and again in May 2020. Safe Routes to School was allocated funding by Fixing Our Streets for school access improvements across Portland. 

Project paid for by Fixing Our Streets: Your dime at work.