Safe Routes to School Intersection Improvements: Multiple Locations

Upcoming crosswalk and ADA curb ramp improvement projects along Primary Investment Routes located within the Portland Public Schools (PPS) district. Funded by the 2012 PPS Bond.
A freshly-painted crosswalk leads across a street to a new mid-block curb ramp with yellow domes. Behind the ramp is a schoolyard fence and school zone sign.
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What is happening now? 

This page will be updated with anticipated construction timelines, and new projects will be added when they reach early project design milestones.

Midblock curb ramp being installed by a construction crew at N Fessenden and N Geneva
Midblock curb ramp being installed by a construction crew at N Fessenden and N Geneva

Where are projects taking place? 

Updated July 2024

Project LocationsProject DescriptionConstruction YearSchool
N Fessenden St and N Geneva AveCurb ramps; marked crosswalksComplete- Summer 2023César Chávez K-8 School
SE Stephens St & SE 87th Ave and SE Harrison St & SE 76th AveCurb ramps; marked crosswalksComplete- Summer 2023Harrison Park School
NE 92nd Ave at Russell StCurb ramps; marked crosswalks; roadway reconfigurationComplete- Fall 2023Jason Lee ES
N Central Ave at CharlestonCurb ramps; marked crosswalksComplete- Spring  2024James John ES
N Midway Ave at Mears Curb ramps; marked crosswalkComplete- Spring 2024George MS
NE Grand at HumboldtCurb ramp; marked crosswalkComplete- Winter 2023Dr. Martin Luther King Jr ES
NE 13th at SaratogaCurb ramps; marked crosswalkComplete- Winter 2023Woodlawn ES
N Smith and N CharlestonMarked crosswalks; median islandComplete- Spring 2024James John ES, Roosevelt HS
NE Alameda and NE 77th Ave/ NE 77th PlCurb ramps; marked crosswalks; roadway reconfiguration; sed-sump systemSummer 2025Roseway Heights MS, McDaniel HS
NE 72nd Ave at Siskiyou/MorrisCurb ramps; updated crosswalksComplete- Winter 2023Roseway Heights MS

Project planning background

These crossings were identified as an important connections for students and families accessing schools across Portland. Walking routes and problem intersections were highlighted by school communities during a Safe Routes to School outreach process held throughout 2017.

You can read more about the planning process and see a map of citywide project locations at

Project funding

Voters approved a $482 million bond for school improvements in the Portland Public Schools (PPS) District in 2012. Over eight years, bond funding supported modernization of three high schools, provided classroom upgrades, and also made seismic improvements to many
buildings. Approximately 51 schools received some level of upgrade.

Of that $482 million, PPS set aside $5 million in bond funds to cover transportation improvements. Many public and private development projects include requirements to construct related transportation improvements as part of the work. PPS and the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) agreed that the bond funds would cover required transportation improvements to schools undergoing significant renovation.

The agreement first prioritized student transportation safety projects required as conditions of permit approvals associated with schools receiving full modernization or replacement.

After the requirements were met, the remaining $4 million was allocated for 2012 bond schools not receiving school modernizations but still in need of transportation improvements to support students and families. Title I schools, where at least 33% of K-8 students receive state support services, were prioritized. The projects identified for implementation are intended to support safe walking and biking access to school.