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NE Shaver Sidewalk: NE 115th to Parkrose Middle School

Under Construction
Contractors will build sidewalk on the south side of NE Shaver Street between NE 115th Avenue and Parkrose Middle School campus. A total of seven new ADA ramps will be built at the corners of NE Shaver and 115th and 116th avenues.
A screenshot from Google street view looking west on NE Shaver St to show current conditions where a sidewalk does not exist. The curb currently has grass and dirt rather than pavement.
Began construction on July 8, 2024

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What's Happening Now?

Construction on this project began the week of July 8 and is expected to last approximately 3.5 months. 

In the coming weeks, work will focus on removing items in the right-of-way to prepare for the forming and pouring of the concrete sidewalk and curb ramps. Concrete work will begin on the east end of the project area closest to Parkrose Middle School. 

Travel lanes on NE Shaver Street will be narrowed, but two-way travel will be maintained. Pedestrian access will be available and marked with cones or barricades around active work areas. 

Project Background and Description

This segment of NE Shaver Street was identified as an important connection for students attending Parkrose Middle School. Walking routes and challenging connections were highlighted by school communities during a Safe Routes to School outreach process held throughout 2017.

You can read more about the planning process and see a map of citywide project locations and routes at

Planned project elements include:

  • Build new sidewalk on the south side of NE Shaver Street between 115th Avenue and existing sidewalk at the western edge of Parkrose Middle School campus.
  • Build four new curb ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) at the NE and SE corner of the 115th Avenue intersection, and three at the SW and SE corners of the 116th Avenue intersection.
A colorful map of the project area, with icons indicating where the sidewalk addition or new ADA curb ramps will be installed. Project details are listed on this same webpage.

Construction of this sidewalk project required removal of 13 trees, 12 of which were located in the public right-of-way and the path of the sidewalk or curb ramp. One tree was located on private property but due to its proximity to the sidewalk construction was expected not to survive. 

PBOT works with Urban Forestry on every capital improvement transportation project to identify potential impacts and opportunities to preserve and protect existing trees. If tree removals are unavoidable, projects must plant new trees on or near the project site, or pay a mitigation fee into the City of Portland Tree Planting and Preservation Fund. For this sidewalk project, PBOT is both planting new trees and paying a mitigation fee. 

Trees by the numbers:

  • 28 trees surveyed in project area
  • 13 trees removed
  • 10 street trees to be planted in furnishing zone between sidewalk and street
  • $7,425 paid by PBOT to Urban Forestry to increase the city's tree canopy (and make up for not being able to replant all 13 removals)

Project Outreach

Answers to questions received at May 21, 2024 Parkrose Neighborhood Association meeting

May 2024 Project Postcard mailed to 320 residents living near the project area.

Project Funding

The Fixing Our Streets 10-cent citywide gas tax was approved by voters in May 2016 and again in May 2020. Safe Routes to School was allocated funding by Fixing Our Streets for school access improvements across Portland. 

Project paid for by Fixing Our Streets: Your dime at work.



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