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Oregon K-12 schools can use the SchoolPool online tool to match parents and caregivers with other drivers from their school to share rides. Portland Bureau of Transportation's Safe Routes to School program can support schools in connecting with the tool.
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What is SchoolPool?

An online tool, hosted by Oregon Department of Transportation, that helps match parents and caregivers who are driving alone to school with other drivers from the same school to share rides. This tool is free to use for K-12 schools in Oregon.

Benefits of SchoolPool

In today's reality of reduced bus service, driver shortages and shrinking budgets, SchoolPool can help parents and caregivers access additional transportation options to ensure their child gets to school safely.

Carpooling offers many additional benefits:

  • Reduces traffic congestion and unhealthy exhaust emissions around schools
  • Saves on gas money and reduces wear on vehicles
  • Saves time when multiple parents/caregivers share driving duties
  • Builds relationships between neighbors and classmates

Joining SchoolPool

  1. Contact your school administration staff to learn if your school is already set up through SchoolPool. Your school will need to get support from your principal and identify a Network Manager before getting started.
    1. SchoolPool Network Managers are people who already work at the school and have existing access to school and household information. They verify and maintain information in the database, and help with issues.
  2. With your principal's support, have your appointed Network Manager send an email to to set up your school's network. 
    1. There are many resources available to support Network Managers, including troubleshooting technical issues. Start on the Oregon SRTS website.

Frequently Asked Questions about SchoolPool

  1. How is family information secure in SchoolPool?
    Only authorized families can join school networks. SchoolPool data are distinguished from other types of records in both reporting and general Get There system use. They are not mixed with general data for ride-matching, leaderboards, gaming, etc.

  2. How long is family information kept in SchoolPool?
    At the beginning of every school year the previous years’ data is erased, and new household data is uploaded.
  3. I have students at different schools. Can I join two SchoolPools?
    Each school will send you links to join their SchoolPool. After creating an account, the schools will both show up in your "schools" tab.