Play Loteria Go and win prizes

Loteria Go with three playing cards - bus, sharrow, and traffic light
Lotería Go is an interactive community game to celebrate the completion of road safety projects. Play now through Sept. 5!

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How to play Lotería Go: 

Photo of a crosswalk on SE 162nd Ave and Main St. with a Loteria go sign on a utility pole. Sign shows a traffic signal illustration.
  1. Pick up a game sheet at one of our participating locations. Each game sheet has 16 objects. 
  2. Find a Lotería card that matches one of your 16 objects by walking or rolling in the designated area in the Centennial neighborhood.
  3. Mark the one you found by drawing in the missing part.
  4. Once you get a line of four (like bingo) you can collect a prize at one of our participating locations!

What is Lotería Go?

Lotería is a traditional Mexican game, similar to bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead of balls with numbers. Lotería Go is a super-sized version of this that gets you outside and walking to neighborhood parks.

Can you find the Lotería cards we've hidden in the streets?

Two projects in Centennial are now complete

The SE 162nd Avenue Safety and Access to Transit Project built new pedestrian crosswalks, more street lighting, added sidewalks where they were missing, and enhanced bike lanes between SE Stark Steet and SE Powell Boulevard.

The 4M Neighborhood Greenway added bike lanes and pavement markings, street lighting, speed bumps, sidewalks, and trees to SE Mill Street, SE Millmain Drive, and SE Main Street between SE 130th Avenue to SE 174th Avenue.

Construction is now complete and ready for you to use! Neighbors can expect more people walking and biking on this street.

Participating Locations

Pick up a game sheet or collect your prize at the end at any of these locations:

Lotería Go Prizes

Bring a completed game sheet by September 5 to a participating location to collect:

  • A transit adventure kit
  • and be entered to win a TriMet annual pass

Be sure to fill out the game sheet with your name and phone number. The winner will be notified via text.

Special Events

Join us in person to pickup a mailer and get started playing Loteria Go.

Download game sheets:

Image of Loteria Go mailer with game sheet

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This event is brought to you by Fixing Our Streets.

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Michael Espinoza

Transportation Demand Management Specialist, PBOT

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