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Play "Go By Greenways"

Neighborhood greenways are quiet, slow streets that are easy to walk, stroll, roll, bike, or play in. The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is building out 25 miles of new greenways in East Portland and designed a “Go By Greenways” contest to make it fun to explore new ones in East Portland.

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"Go By Greenways" is now over. We hope to return next summer.

What is "Go By Greenways"?

Go By Greenways is a scavenger hunt you can play while exploring two new neighborhood greenways in East Portland, one running east-west along NE Holladay, Oregon, and Pacific streets (HOP for short) and one running north-south along the 130s.

How to play

Playing is easy:

Illustration of a zebra character completing the steps of the game against a backdrop of street and green shrubs
  1. Explore the map to see where you can find the PBOT Zebra along the greenways and at nearby businesses.
  2. Find the PBOT Zebra sign (see example),
  3. Text the key word on the sign to 319-96, and you're automatically entered to win prizes from neighborhood businesses.
  4. Keep exploring and find more zebras

Check out this short Sunday Parkways video on how to play.

A section of the Go By Greenways printed map with green header that says MAP and a zebra's head hiding behind a patch of grass

Google Map

What can I win?

  • Grand prize: $500 gift card to Fred Meyer (two available)
  • Additional prizes include gift certificates from businesses such as:
    • Lily Market
    • Citymaxx Food Stores
    • La Isla Bonita restaurant
    • Kings Omelets restaurant
    • Just Tea
    • Outer Rim Bike Shop
    • ...and more

The "Go By Greenways" game is now over. We hope to be able to do it again next summer!

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How to explore your new neighborhood greenways

The Holladay-Oregon-Pacific (HOP) Neighborhood Greenway and the 130s Neighborhood Greenway are both in East Portland. 

The HOP Neighborhood Greenway connects the Gateway Transit Center to major shopping destinations on NE 102nd Avenue and NE Halsey and Weidler streets, between NE 102nd and 130th avenues by way of lush, quiet residential streets. Both Gateway Discovery and East Holladay parks are also easy to access along the HOP Neighborhood Greenway.

First Look: HOP Neighborhood Greenway

The 130s Neighborhood Greenway runs north and south along numbered avenues near the 130s in East Portland. The route makes its way along 128th, 129th, 130th, and 131st avenues at various legs along this journey. Despite the jog between streets, the 130s Neighborhood Greenway provides an easy, continuous way to bike or walk from the I-84 path to SE Foster Road, providing a calmer route than biking along bustling 122nd Avenue. It links to TriMet bus lines on NE Glisan Street, SE Division Street, SE Powell Boulevard, and the MAX line on E Burnside Street. It connects people easily to David Douglas High School, as well as North Powellhurst, Lincoln Park, and Gilbert Heights elementary schools. And it provides an easy route to green space at John Luby, East Holladay, Lincoln City, and Gilbert Heights parks.

First Look: 130s Neighborhood Greenway

Try biking parts of these greenways with this easy 6-mile loop route.

Four Parks of East Portland Ride

Illustration of zebra wearing a face mask with text section that describes the COVID-19 safety guidelines, which are: 1) Stay 6 feet apart, 2) Wear a mask, 3) Stay inside if you feel ill

Take our survey

Neighborhood greenways are much more than a street. From PBOT's years of experience building them, we've seen the many ways community members make them their own by painting intersections, displaying art, or by hosting events and large-scale community projects. 

Take our survey to tell us what you'd like to see on your greenway:

Go By Greenways survey

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Participe en “Go By Greenways”

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Участвуйте в конкурсе «Go By Greenways»!

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